ICOs Going Mainstream: OpenLedger Invites Pre-investment to 3 New ICOs

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  • OpenLedger is making ICOs mainstream with 3 new startup ICOs, each targeting a non-cryptocurrency market.
  • Apptrade is creating a stock market for apps, Centz aims to make all gift cards interchangeable and spendable anywhere, while Beyond the Void is making a MOBA game economy controlled by the players.
  • OpenLedger is offering institutions and investors the chance to pre-invest in these projects, they can contact OpenLedger’s CEO, Ronny Boesing, to learn more.

OpenLedger is taking ICOs mainstream by creating a bridge between institutional investors and the initial coin offering (ICO) space. Ronny Boesing, CEO of the OpenLedger crowdfunding ecosystem, announced at the Money2020 and CoinAgenda trade shows that 3 new ICOs would be open for pre-investment from institutional investors.

OpenLedger’s decision to open ICOs to institutional investors marks the growing convergence of ICOs and venture capital. These 3 incoming ICOs are Apptrade, Centz, and Beyond the Void. Ronny Boesing had this to say about the 3 ICOs:

“Apptrade, Centz, and Beyond the Void all show applications of blockchain technology to mainstream industries. By accelerating their ICO crowdfunding, we’ll accelerate the spread of ICO culture and practices as well. This launch is just the beginning.”

Apptrade is the stock market of apps. By combining ICO investment culture with a platform designed to trade app tokens, Apptrade is looking to revolutionize how the app industry gets funding. AppTrade helps publishers leverage their exposure with cross-marketing and collaborate funding via app portfolios. Raise capital as a group through a shared digital bond. The future of app development is in federated ICOs. With app portfolios, investors get access to the next angry birds..before the eggs hatch.

Apptrade is competing in front of BitAngels investors at the CoinAgenda trade show.

Centz targeting the $480 billion gift card market by making all gift card balances interchangeable via a digital currency called ‘Centz Gold Bucks’, stored on a mobile app. With the app consumers never have to carry gift cards again, but can spend their gift card money anytime, anywhere.

The 3rd ICO is Beyond the Void, an upcoming MOBA game. The main revenue of MOBA games are vanity items for personalizing gameplay, which is the primary focus of Beyond the Void’s blockchain token system.

All 3 projects will launch their ICOs through the help of OpenLedger crowdfunding ecosystem www.openledger.info.

OpenLedger is publicly opening its partner ICOs to pre-investment from institutions and investors. App trade and Centz are both open today to early bird buy-ins. All 3 will launch their ICOs in the coming months. If investors would like the benefits of being their first, they need only contact Ronny Boesing, the CEO of OpenLedger.

About OpenLedger

OpenLedger is a decentralized conglomerate aiming to make ICOs mainstream. The OpenLedger ecosystem includes advertising, trading, blockchain talent, and ICO marketing subsidiaries dedicated to one goal: Crowdfunding the future of startup businesses. Centz, Apptrade, and Beyond the Void are all tech startups using blockchain tokens and ICOs to kickstart their growth. Apptrade is creating a stock market for apps, Centz aims to make all gift cards spendable anywhere, and Beyond the Void is making a game economy controlled by the players.


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Phone: +4536981150

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