iDice ICO: Mobile Ethereum Gambling

iDice is the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app. The iDice ICO will wopen on the 16th of June, 2017 at UTC 0:00. It will last 14 days and end on the 30th of June, 2017 at UTC 0:00. Participation instructions are posted on the iDice official ICO page.
iDice: Ethereum Dice has PotentialThe iDice beta release has been very successful in the past 2 months, generating close to $200,000 USD in player profits without any promotion. With plans to integrate the platform with Android and IOS devices, Jordan Wong, the Founder and CEO of iDice, still isn’t satisfied.
“The attention is great news, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the team. We are getting a lot of attention and positive feedback. We don’t want to disappoint our users because there are still a lot of things that need improvement.”
The young and ambitious iDice team has world domination in its sights. iDice plans to take it a step further than the competition by implementing the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app.

“I think the gambling Dapp market is neglecting a huge market of mobile phone users. There isn’t a good cross-platform app that exists. It’s a huge opportunity for iDice to dominate and display its superior platform.”
iDice is the safest blockchain gambling platform. Users aren’t required to sign up or deposit their funds into the site so there is no possibility of getting hacked. They simply send their funds from their personal wallets to the iDice smart contract, after that, its all code. Best of all, the iDice source code is provably and 3rd party auditable. You can even see it yourself online.
iDice runs on Ethereum, a competitor coin to Bitcoin that is quickly catching up. Just over a year ago, Ethereum was less than a fraction of Bitcoin’s Market cap. Today, it is over half (Bitcoin: $46Bn USD, Ethereum: $24Bn USD). Industry experts estimate that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in the next 3 years. This sudden growth is due to Ethereum smart contract technology which makes iDice possible. Over 50% of all cryptocurrency transactions are gambling related. There are $1.8billion USD worth of bitcoins being exchanged every day. That means that at least $900 million USD worth of bitcoins are being gambled every day. What makes this industry even more lucrative is the fact that there are only 3 major gambling sites, meaning that a large majority of those transactions are only going through 3 sites.
iDice Crowdsale DatesThe good news is, with cryptocurrency, you can bet on the house and invest in this massive industry. The iDice crowdsale is set to launch on June 16th, 2017 at UTC 0:00. You can exchange ETH for iDice tokens, which are like preferred shares of a company. These tokens give you the right to claim a portion of iDice’s total profits and are exchangeable just like stocks. It’s very common for tokens to multiply in value as soon as the crowdsale ends as they are heavily discounted during their initial offering. Joining the crowdsale might be an incredible investment in the next biggest gambling platform in Ethereum.
The iDice mobile app is set to release on Android and Apple later this year after its ICO, which starts at UTC 0:00, June 16, 2017.

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