IMPT Becomes The Fastest Growing Presale of 2022 After Raising $3M in 1 Week: Today’s Last Day To Invest

The IMPT presale has become one of the fastest-growing presales of 2022 after raising over $3 million in the final week alone. In total, IMPT is now close to the $18 million milestone and today’s the last possible day for you to invest at presale prices.

After today, the presale will close, and the token claim dashboard will be available to let investors claim their IMPT. The token is then scheduled to hit top-tier exchanges on Wednesday, December 14th, allowing you to trade the token.

FOMO is quickly setting in for the carbon offsetting platform, and investors are scrambling to purchase the token at presale prices.

IMPT Is The Fastest Growing Presale of 2022: $3 Million Raised in Its Final Week

We all know 2022 hasn’t been pretty for the crypto markets or the economy. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t pockets of the industry performing remarkably well, despite the overarching bear market.

IMPT is most certainly one of those pockets in the industry that has gained significant attention in the Crypto Winter. The presale for the token only went live at the start of October, and raising $18 million in a short two months is an impressive achievement that makes it the fastest-growing presale of 2022.

The pace of the presale increased dramatically in its final week as investors waiting on the sideline hurried in during the last days to purchase the token at presale prices. As a result, the presale raised another $3 million in its final week. FOMO is likely one of the driving forces behind the last surge in fundraising, as traders believe they can turn a profit once the token hits exchanges.

Investors Feel FOMO and Rush for Final Day Sales

With the presale on its final day, FOMO is undoubtedly one of the driving factors that made IMPT one of the fastest-growing presales of 2022.

The presale is scheduled to close at the end of today, Sunday, December 11th, and preparations will be underway for the token to be launched on exchanges on Wednesday, December 14th.

Once the presale has closed, investors will be able to claim their tokens from the same dashboard they purchased IMPT on December 12th;


Following this, IMPT will then hit exchanges on Wednesday. The team has already announced two centralized exchanges, Changelly Pro and LBank Exchange, will be listing the token. Together, these exchanges facilitate over $2.5 billion in daily trading volume, providing the perfect trading environment for IMPT to soar once it goes live.

In addition to the centralized exchanges, IMPT will also be listed on Uniswap – the largest decentralized exchange in the industry.

Carbon Marketplace Q1 2023 and Shopping Platform Scheduled for Q2 2023

With the presale almost wrapped up, community members eagerly anticipate the release of the carbon offsetting platform that allows users to buy, sell, and earn carbon credits through various products.

The Carbon Marketplace is scheduled to launch in Q1 2023. The whitepaper states that the team is aiming for a February 2023 release. The Carbon Marketplace will allow users to buy, sell, and retire genuine carbon credits hosted as NFTs on the blockchain.

Buying carbon credits is a method of offsetting your carbon footprint as it’s a permit representing the removal of 1 ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


The issue with today’s carbon credit market is that it’s closed to individuals and businesses. In addition, the products that allow individuals to purchase carbon credits are often scams that double-count the use of carbon credits.

IMPT seeks to change this dynamic by letting users buy genuine carbon credits that are traceable on the blockchain. When a user retires a credit on the platform, the NFT is sent to a burn address to signal its removal, preventing double-counting.

Alongside the Carbon Marketplace, IMPT will also release a highly anticipated Shopping Platform in Q2 2023. The shopping platform will provide a method for users to earn carbon credits as cashback for shopping at their favorite brands. Effectively, the platform allows users to passively and positively contribute to the environment without changing their habits.


IMPT has affiliated with thousands of world-famous brands that have allocated a percentage of sales margin for projects like IMPT that positively push environmental sustainability. When a user makes a purchase on the shopping platform, the sales margin is held as IMPT tokens until they have enough to swap for a carbon credit.

Some global brands already signed up include Nike, Puma, Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, and Dyson. The team continues to announce affiliates weekly and is expected to have at least 10,000 brands by the time the Shopping Platform launches.

Final Opportunity to Enter Before Explosive Listing

The presale sells IMPT for $0.023, which is your final opportunity to get involved. The team has already announced that the token will launch for $0.0253, meaning that all early investors will already come out of the presale with a slight profit.

Furthermore, with the momentum gathered over the past week, the token will likely surge after listing on exchanges for late-comers that want to get in on the action at lower prices.

Overall, IMPT now has the opportunity to go from being the fastest-growing presale of 2022 to becoming the most successfully launched new project in 2023.

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