Increase Workplace Productivity by Incentivizing Employees With BlockWRK (WRK)

The greatest assets of any business are the employees and the best employees are those who are healthy and motivated to work. In the United States, it is estimated that over $600 billion are lost yearly by employers due to preventable employee costs. The largest portion of this is made up of medical claims alone that cost employers almost $1 trillion per year, mostly related to healthcare cost and worker absence from preventable chronic health conditions, according to Forbes.

This means that employers could be saving hundreds of billions of dollars each year if they get ahead of these issues and work to prevent health problems from creeping up in their workforce. But how do you get employees to willingly be proactive about their health and safety while at the office without making it mandatory? BlockWRK has the answer.

Rewarding Employees For Being Proactive

BlockWRK is a product that is catered to helping employees be more intentional about their health and safety while being a cost-effective method for employers to keep their employees healthy and save on safety, absenteeism, and medical costs.

BlockWRK syncs with fitness trackers to reward employees for hitting daily health and fitness goals, paying out the rewards in WRK tokens that are purchased by the employer. The product essentially gamifies exercise as an activity with daily rewards being paid out to employees who participate.

With BlockWRK, employers are able to combat the most common issues that arise with employees that could cause the business to lose money. These include daily exercise and safety checks, mental counseling, as well as muscle and joint injury diagnostics by providing access to orthopedic specialists and free physical therapy treatments for employees to perform at home.

How BlockWRK Works

Employers who sign up with BlockWRK make a commitment to purchase a certain amount of WRK tokens which are then distributed to all participating employees. Employees can then save their WRK tokens or convert them to fiat at the current exchange rate to cash out.

The entire BlockWRK ecosystem is a decentralized compensation model where employees are incentivized with WRK token rewards to achieve daily goals. So rather than show up and sit in a chair all day, employees can earn extra cash by exercising, saving employers money in the process.

How Can Employers Save With BlockWRK?

A report from the CDC Foundation said that employers lose $225.8 billion annually on absenteeism. For each employee, this number comes up to $1,685 per year. Compared to the cost of preventing these issues, employers are doing themselves and their businesses a disservice by not investing in preventative measures.

Using BlockWRK will enable employers to recruit their entire workforce to report injuries and safety violations daily, which they can deal with before it turns into a full-blown crisis. Even just one prevented workplace injury claim will offset the cost of using the BlockWRK program.

It is an overall great way to protect your employees and business interests at the same time. The product features both an Android and iOS app and runs a free demo for employers curious about how it works.

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