IndSoft Systems launches Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Solution as Service for Startups and Upcoming Entrepreneurs to Raise Capital


In June 2017, Bancor, a startup building decentralized exchange for digital tokens, raised $153m. Weeks later, enterprise blockchain solution startup raised $183m through its EOS tokens. Followed by Tezos, one more name on a growing list of startups that recently raised astronomical funds from the public through ICO. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is soon set to dethrone all other methods used to raise capital for startups.

What is an ICO?
Initial Coin Offering, ICO or crowdsale, is the process by which a company, institution or even an individual creates tokens on a blockchain and then sells them to the public. Tokens represent shares in the issuer’s project. Whats make ICO attractive options to raise capital for startup is, It not regulated by any regulatory authority, Requires no due diligence. The issuer can raise capital from investors all over the world, At the same time not parting with any stake or voting rights.

IndSoft Sytems a leading internet solutions company, launched solutions for startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for raising capital via ICO/Crowdsale. With over 19 years experience, IndSoft Systems has acquired and developed a diverse and highly trained team. Our representatives are all qualified, experienced professionals each with multiple years’ experience. Ken Dsouza, Sr. Manager at IndSoft Systems ( stated: “We are extremely excited to launch ICO Solution as Service. Our goal is to help startups and entrepreneurs raise crypto capital from investor. We can provide startups with the expertise and support required for raising capital from ICO/Crowd Sale/Pre-ICO. Helping startups to take their product or solution to the next level.”

ICO is most suitable for innovative products or services that caters to high growth and global scalability, and seek capital to execute their market and development plans. With the recent cyrpto currencies volatility, Favorable conditions for going public can vanish as quickly as they arise. Careful pre-ICO planning and execution is key essential. The plan must consider the tasks and the timing of the tasks required to go for crowd sale. ” We selected IndSoft Sytems, After careful consideration because they had the right mix of technological skills and passion for startups” said Mr. Mathbeck, whose company would soon be launching an ICO, with IndSoft’s help.

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