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Cryptocurrency is complicated and only getting more so. We have seen a prosperous development of the crypto industry for the past few years. New concepts and innovations keep coming out from this vibrant industry. New blockchains support a constant stream of new digital economies that didn’t exist just a few short years ago. The metaverse of cryptocurrencies, DApps, DEXs, NFT Marketplaces, and GameFi worlds continues to expand, and as it expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the most efficient path between them to transfer assets.

NFTs experienced a rapid rise in 2021, but this growth hasn’t been steady and has plateaued so far in 2022. Part of the reason might be the market price fluctuations, however, the freedom to trade plays an important role in the NFT market development.

We need to trade NFTs across all networks.

Moving between these new worlds is hard, and the friction prevents not just new users but even seasoned veterans from making the move. It can be hard to interact with a world you are interested in because all your assets are on a different chain. The ability to move freely between these worlds was necessary not only for their success but for people to have true choices.

Unlike other existing solutions, MetaPath provides a different perspective – a cross-chain Web3 Aggregator. MetaPath aggregates DEXs, aggregators, NFTs marketplaces, and GameFi platforms so that a user can access dozens of different ecosystems from a single dApp. It lets users get the tokens or NFTs they want with the coins they already have all in one place.

Currently, to move funds from one ecosystem to another, you need to use exchanges, dApps, juggles multiple tabs etc. It’s not easy and for many new users is completely daunting.

MetaPath makes Web3 easy, and makes navigating the universe from a single portal possible.

MetaPath has a unique feature, comparing Prices across the Metaverse. Through MetaPath’s aggregated solution, users can compare listing prices for the same NFT on different platforms, including fees, rewards, royalties and more, the platform will automatically find the best rate for users.

MetaPath is actively expanding its partnerships with leading public chains, wallets, and projects. Till now, four chains’ NFTs are supported to trade freely through MetaPath, and users can buy these NFTs with any token.

MetaPath recently announced a strategic partnership with KuCoin Community Chain (aka KCC). KCC aims to deal with the public chain’s low performance and high cost to provide community users with high throughput, low latency, and low-cost gas fees.

The crypto world changes day by day, and market volatility makes it hard to predict the most valuable environments to connect to next. However, NFT is being considered as the future of ownership by its users, and it has real world application. It is reasonable to believe that NFTs will be a big part of the future. But they may need to suffer their own winter before they actually become ubiquitous, acting as a bridge between the real world and the blockchain metaverse. We will see more and more industry innovators and pioneers working on making a more user-friendly and integrated and freer future for Web3, more than we can imagine today.

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