InQubeta (QUBE) Soars Above Avalanche (AVAX) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) in Growth Volume During Presale

New cryptocurrencies are reaching the same levels as their older counterparts with reliable features, giving investors more options. It is relatively easy for the beginner cryptocurrency investor to feel overwhelmed by the number of options. This is why proper research is needed to understand how the crypto market works.

In 2023, a few new cryptocurrencies are surging ahead in their growth volume. This growth volume encourages more investors to buy into their presales and begin making a profit. InQubeta (QUBE) is one of the new cryptocurrencies that has soared above older projects like Avalanche (AVAX) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

InQubeta has a profitable presale that has contributed to its popularity among investors. With an increased trading volume, more crypto enthusiasts are adding this DeFi coin to their portfolios, making it a viable option for the future.

InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Renews Investors’ Faith in the Crypto Market

InQubeta began its presale recently and has already sold around 50% of its Beta stage tokens. It is an impressive growth volume for a new crypto token in the early stages of its presale. The QUBE tokens have raised over $200,000 and will increase before the crypto officially launches.

InQubeta has made it easier for experienced and beginner cryptocurrency investors to choose their new investment projects. It offers a doorway into AI investment by letting investors choose a viable AI start-up to buy into. In the long run, it brings investors and developers together in an immersive community.

InQubeta is a DeFi coin that also gives governance rights to token holders, meaning that owners of the QUBE tokens can contribute to major decisions on the platform. Investors can have a say in decisions that affect the new direction of the InQubeta platform. It increases the value of the ERC20 tokens for investors.

The QUBE tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it possible for investors to benefit from the NFT marketplace through the ERC20 tokens. InQubeta uses the popularity of NFTs to push AI start-ups by encouraging investors to choose projects that align with their investment plans. It makes InQubeta the best crypto to buy for more profit in the future.

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Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain Improves Financial Transactions

Avalanche (AVAX) is a blockchain network created to add scalable solutions and faster transaction processing speeds to the crypto market. It makes it possible for decentralized applications (dApps) to function correctly on the blockchain. Avalanche’s properties make it a unique addition to the crypto market that aids financial services.

Avalanche has a functional consensus mechanism that surpasses the limitations of regular blockchains. It provides higher security and functionality, making it the number one choice for many investors. With its native token, AVAX, Avalanche bestows staking and governance rights on holders.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Enhances Web3 Applications For All Users

NEAR Protocol has always been a leader in the crypto space. This has become more evident with its newly launched Blockchain Operating System (BOS). The BOS will improve the functionality of NEAR Protocol on the crypto market by making Web3 operations more accessible to crypto users worldwide.

Developers that use NEAR Protocol will find this BOS helpful as they can now create new codes on the platform. This BOS will make it possible to develop better Web3 experiences and increase mass adoption of the token on the market. These contribute to making NEAR a more valuable crypto token.


 InQubeta has shown great promise by being able to compete with Avalanche and NEAR Protocol on the larger market. The increasing volume of its presale makes QUBE the best crypto to buy for long-term profit. This is why it has begun to soar above older cryptocurrencies.

InQubeta’s presale shows great promise, and it will likely surpass all expectations before it officially launches. Buying QUBE tokens earlier increases the likelihood of making more money as time goes by. It is why investors need to join the presale before it advances.

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