Insane Gains On The Cards For According To Bitcoin And Polkadot Whales

Smart crypto investors always look for opportunities to get in early into promising projects. After all, exponential gains are possible only when you buy any asset at its lowest price point and the highest potential. As per Bitcoin and Polkadot whales, this upcoming social reflection token is heating up for a possible upside move that can bring insane gains for early adopters.

Uniglo is on a mission to create a stable asset class that’s not vulnerable to wild market fluctuations and volatility. Cryptocurrencies may have solved the issues that plague our traditional financial system, but there are still challenges in accepting them as a method of payment.

The most viable solution to combat wild swings is to back the token with other assets. This is what Uniglo does by having a dedicated vault with tangible and intangible assets. Top cryptocurrencies with predictable growth make up most of the treasury holdings to protect investors’ money. Other assets include high-appreciating NFTs, digitized gold, and real-world collectibles. As the treasury grows in strength, the floor price of the $GLO token will ramp up.

How does the Uniglo treasury work?

Uniglo as a social platform is focused on benefiting the community through treasury appreciation. This is made possible through a 5% tax on each GLO trade. This keeps adding to the vault’s purchasing power, which in turn, has an impact on the price floor. This vault is protected with a multi-sig procedure, which prevents unauthorized access. Every token holder will have access to safe vault addresses, where they can see what Uniglo as a community holds.

What’s the trigger behind GLO appreciation?

We may have heard a lot about burning mechanisms, but there’s hardly any that matches up to Uniglo’s revolutionary model. 2% of every buy and sell transaction is predefined to be taken out of circulation. This will catalyze the process of burning and increase scarcity in a shorter period of time. Uniglo will also use a significant portion of profits, generated from the sale of assets, to buy back and burn GLO tokens. The numbers may keep rising with the strength of performance, and this will benefit investors of all levels.

Besides, any unsold tokens from the presale will be taken out of circulation, which will have a cascading effect on the launch price. The smart contract has already been audited by Paladin, and there’s no stopping Uniglo from making investors happy.

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