Interest-free Loan, New way of Assets Increase

AEX Global upgrades AEX Loan in the middle of April and first launches the interest-free loan. When the 3-year anniversary of AEX Finance is celebrated in May, AEX provides discounts on the 0-interest borrowing to further contribute to users’ digital assets increase.

Therefore AEX becomes the first platform providing interest-free loan service and promises to “never liquidate”. During non-celebration time, the rule of interest-free borrowing is that AEX Loan offers a tiered discount to the interest rate of such dominant cryptos like BTC and ETH according to the LTV, which means the lower the LTV is, the lower the interest rate is, and when the LTV is below 15%, you can enjoy free interest.

During the celebration, AEX provides discounts on the 0-interest borrowing that once the LTV is below 30%, users can borrow with 0 interest. And moreover, users can receive a 50% off voucher to help them obtain more discounts on interest rates in their future borrowing.

Borrowing in the blockchain field means users can borrow another coin by collateralizing one of their coins. AEX provides three ways to borrow coins: AEX Loan, C2C Loan, and Instalment, through which users can obtain the required assets with no need to use their own crypto assets. The loan from AEX can be used freely or withdrawn to earn income in spot trading, futures trading, savings, etc., to further contribute to users’ digital assets increase. There is no ceiling borrowing amount on AEX Loan. When the LTV is below 50%, users can enjoy low-interest rate borrowing; when the LTV is below 15%, users can enjoy 0- interest rate borrowing. Term Loan provides wholesale borrowing with the longest loan term of 1 year. And its liquidation prevention measures can avoid forced closure of positions due to short-term market fluctuations Demand Loan provides flexible access to their collateral assets for users in 90 days. It supports the collateralizing and borrowing of more than 70 kinds of coins including DOGE, GAT, and UNI.

AEX’s loan module has been operating for more than 3 years offering low-interest borrowing and fast arrival. The AEX Loan has lent 288104 times accumulatively, a total amount of 1.42 billion dollars.

The 3-year anniversary of AEX finance is in full swing until May 31. During the celebration, the discounts on interest-free borrowing can enable users to borrow through collateralization at no cost. All users are welcome to experience it! And by referring friends to experience the loan, users can earn 10% of the referrals’ incomes from lending as a rebate, and at the same time, users can obtain up to 10000 USDT by referring friends to join the 3-year anniversary celebration.

AEX is a crypto exchange established in 2013, the goal is to provide safe, complete, simple diversified crypto finance services for billions of users. The closer you look, the further you see. Its business covers fiat, crypto, financial management, lending, mining and other fields. Financial products include fixed saving, flexible saving, DeFi pool, staking, dual investment etc. The number of supported cryptos and yield are both in the forefront of the industry. Multiple financial scenarios provide users with richer channels to earn crypto.


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