Interest in $PEPE Drops as AltSignals AI Token Ramps Up Volume

While the Pepe crypto shoots off into the stratosphere, many investors have been wondering whether it’s worthwhile to get involved. The new meme coin has already melted faces during a remarkable run to its current price level, but is the party about to end?

For AltSignals, the party is just getting started. The ASI token continues to attract attention during its presale, with $ 732k raised already in a short space of time. For early stage crypto investors seeking reliable long-term investments, the ASI token presale may turn out to be a better option than the new Pepe crypto.

AltSignals could be one of the best investments for 2023

One of the stand-out stories from the past few weeks has been the meteoric rise of Pepe (PEPE) — a brand new meme coin that has baffled many sidelined investors. The Pepe crypto token has risen over 20x since it launched in the middle of April; however, price analysts are warning against a late entry.

Elsewhere in Web3, AltSignals has enjoyed a similar level of success during its early stages. While the Pepe crypto token offers no utility to its holders, the ASI crypto presale brings a vast range of benefits to early investors.

AltSignals is an online trading community that has launched a suite of trading tools in the past. The platform has shared profitable trading signals with an impressive rate of accuracy over recent years, and its brand new launch will bring artificial intelligence capabilities to the platform.

The ASI token is being offered to early investors across five stages during the presale. The price will rise from $0.012 to $0.02274, before the token is later released on digital asset exchanges and made available to a broader number of crypto users.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an online trading platform that has shared profitable trading signals with its community since it first launched in 2017. The platform has supported over 50,000 users with a suite of trading tools, including AltAlgo™, which has produced 10,000% returns in 19 out of 32 months for Binance Futures.

AltSignals is now developing a new-and-improved trading stack called ActualizeAI. It will augment the platform’s previous trading tools with machine learning to further optimize the accuracy and frequency of signals shared with users.

ActualizeAI uses natural language processing (NLP) and predictive modeling to deliver its AI-powered improvements. The tool is expected to change the way that traders navigate volatility in the crypto markets, as it is a groundbreaking AI protocol that could serve many traders over time.

How does ASI work?

The ASI token’s primary utility is to provide direct access to ActualizeAI. By holding 50,000 tokens, investors can not only gain enhanced benefits on the AltSignals platform, including a range of exclusive benefits that are available only to AI Members Club users, but also have lifetime access to the ActualizeAI once it is developed.

AI Members Club will offer members exclusive access to some of the most promising presale opportunities, well in advance of the competition. AltSignals will scan the market to find the most lucrative investment opportunities in Web3, as successful projects can often produce over 100x gains from these early stages of development.

AI Members Club will also host trading tournaments for its members where traders can go head-to-head for the chance to win major prizes paid in ASI tokens. As well as this, it will also allow users to test out the latest trading tools being developed by AltSignals before they are released to the public.

Will ASI reach $0.25 in 2023?

The crypto markets have seen explosive price action during 2023 so far. AltSignals has been one of the most exciting new developments during this time, as the presale has attracted traders from across the space thanks to the new AI-powered trading toolkit.

ASI has extensive utility on the platform and deflationary tokenomics. Price analysts are expecting it to perform strongly after the presale, with early price predictions highlighting $0.20 and $0.50 as key resistance levels. For now, the ASI token is available at $0.015 during the presale.

What is Pepe?

Pepe is a new meme coin that has gone viral in recent weeks. Although the Pepe crypto itself has little in the way of utility, it has attracted widespread attention due to its humorous take on the classic Pepe the Frog meme. The Pepe crypto has deflationary tokenomics and was released as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Pepe crypto token was created on the 17th April. Since then, it has been a trending topic across social media and has skyrocketed over 20x from its initial price level. The project prides itself on its lack of venture capitalist involvement, as it’s a completely decentralized digital asset on the blockchain.

Will Pepe crypto reach $0.000004 in 2023?

Pepe has already risen from $0.000000057 to the current price of $0.000001919. Price analysts are expecting the token to retrace once the hype around the new token dies down; however, its long-term future remains uncertain.

The current market capitalization of Pepe is already $800 million. This places it in the top 50 cryptocurrencies, which means that it’s likely to retain attention over time. Despite this, the Pepe crypto may see a significant downside once it reaches its all-time high, and it’s unlikely to breach $0.000004 any time soon.

AltSignals vs. Pepe crypto price prediction: Which token is worth buying?

Pepe has been a stand-out performer in recent weeks, but it lacks utility and serves no function beyond decentralized gambling. For those late to the party, the Pepe coin could produce more downside than upside.

In contrast, AltSignals is a highly promising Web3 project that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help traders make consistent profits in the crypto markets. It’s expected to perform strongly over the coming years and represents a more sustainable long-term investment as a cryptocurrency.

You can participate in the ASI crypto presale here.


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