The Most Interesting Rideshare Startup in the World Plans to Launch in Fresno

It has been exactly one month since we announced to the world our goal and how we plan to get people to use cryptocurrency to pay for rides. We have attracted the attention of drivers and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide and are finding out that we are pretty interesting.

We have gained a decentralized following from over 80 cities globally, but have been centralizing and establishing our company Chasyr LLC locally at the same time. This gives future users a chance to really understand why they should want us in their city after we get the ball rolling in Fresno. Early adopters can begin learning about the benefits of using cryptocurrency; such as lower fees for drivers and the instant incentivization to help us succeed once they earn or buy their first SWT.

Chasyr Team Updates

We are proud to announce that the Chasyr team is now officially headquartered at the rapidly growing Bitwise Industries of downtown Fresno. This is where we will be surrounded by other startups, entrepreneurs, and a school of developers. We feel our new home will be a great place to introduce blockchain technology and our innovative approach towards ridesharing.

We have also added a few experts to our advisory board who we know can navigate us on our journey forward of creating the first ridesharing brand that uses the Ethereum blockchain on top of the Swarm City commerce DApp. KingFlurkel, Jennifer Williams, and Bernd Lapp of Swarm City seem to be the perfect people to get advice from and we are honored to have their guidance.

This is Just the Beginning

Centralizing while having a global reach is our current move on this chess board, but we know it is what we need to do if we want to succeed. If Uber suddenly cut their driver fees to 5% instead of 25% and started using crypto then we’d be in a tough situation. Luckily for us, they can’t and won’t unless they want to go out of business. They have investors to worry about and we don’t.

This is our strength and we know it, which is why we will create a very strong market locally first. Vetting drivers, providing proper insurance, and using SWT to take drastically lower fee’s than Uber does from it’s drivers. This means no need to create surge pricing to “attract” drivers to get online. While we are establishing our company in Fresno our brand will also be accessible on the Swarm City DApp after their next major release. Which is where anyone who wants to use our brand without all of the centralized benefits like vetting and insurance can start to gain Chasyr reputation on the blockchain. Cities that have the busiest Chasyrs and demand will be next in line after Fresno, the home of our the most interesting rideshare startup in the world.

want to get involved? Join our global facebook group. If you are a Fresnan then make sure to join our local facebook group.


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