International Interest in Pushd’s E-Commerce Solutions Peaks as Ethereum Dips Below $3K, Attracting and Arbitrum Investors

Buying and selling shouldn’t be difficult and strenuous as we have it across most marketplaces. Buyers encountering multiple bottlenecks will likely seek another alternative and halt their purchasing decision.

With a decentralized marketplace like Pushd, buyers are showing interest worldwide due to its e-commerce solutions.

Ethereum May Dip Below $3k in the Coming Days?

Since mid-March, when Ethereum soared by over 70% and moved above the $4,000 resistance level, there has been some price correction, followed by consistent decline. Three weeks into April, Ethereum has declined below the $4,000 resistance level and a little above the $3k support level to trade at $3,213.

Despite this price correction, Ethereum stands comfortably above the $3,000 support level at a substantial zone, comprising the 100-day moving average and a critical price range between the 0.5 and 0.618 Fibonacci levels.

However, there is a mixed reaction among Ethereum holders who have seen strong indications that Ethereum will decline below $3,000 in the coming days. To avoid such a decline, Ethereum holders divert their investment portfolio to Pushd while the price correction continues.

Arbitrum Whales Seek Alternative While Investors Finalize Merger

The April price correction and market fluctuation have seen Arbitrum whales sell off their investments. Similarly, an Arbitrum unlocking event saw the developer unlock 1.1 billion ARB tokens and share them among team members, advisors, and investors. These two events have seen increased sell-offs by these whale investors, significantly affecting the price value.

In the first week that followed the unlocking event, about eleven whales sent $58 million worth of ARB to different trading platforms in exchange for fiat or swap to other tokens. Shortly after, two other whales sent about $12.72 million worth of Arbitrum to the Binance exchange.

On the other hand, the price correction and market fluctuation have prompted to seek a merger with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol.

Pushd Sparks International Interest across the Crypto Ecosystem

Pushd has the first-mover advantage as the foremost Web3 platform with a fully decentralized marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to transact. Unlike other marketplaces, which require a lengthy registration process for sellers or buyers, Pushd has a simple signup process that requires no KYC.

Pushd has international coverage, so location is not a barrier for a seller to meet a buyer. Moreover, the Pushd token is a unified and globally acceptable currency that is acceptable across all crypto platforms. So, investors are unified on a single decentralized platform and can transact using a unified currency.

However, buyers and sellers holding other tokens can use the Pushd swap service. This service allows users to exchange one crypto token for another with a 0% commission. It is instant and works anywhere in the world.

The debit card feature also allows you to make purchases over the counter. This debit card enables you to spend funds directly from your wallet.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here.

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