XRGB launches X-404: Redefining the Trading Standard for NFTs

At its core, the X-404-XRGB protocol serves as a robust framework empowering users to deposit any NFT into a dedicated smart contract, thereby obtaining ERC-404 standard tokens in return. These ERC-404 tokens are uniquely designed to embody the dual characteristics of both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens,encapsulating the distinctiveness of NFTs alongside the fungibility and liquidity associated with ERC-20 tokens. This innovative integration facilitates a new asset class that leverages the strengths of both worlds, ensuring that users can enjoy the benefits of both unique digital ownership and broad market liquidity.

By harnessing the capabilities of the XRGB protocol and chain, the XRGB protocol offers unparalleled versatility, allowing users to navigate their assets across a diverse range of blockchain ecosystems. Whether it involves transferring value within the Bitcoin ecosystem, engaging with the decentralized applications on Cosmos, or interacting within any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) -compatible environment, the protocol ensures seamless asset portability. This cross-chain functionality is pivotal in dissolving the existing barriers between disparate blockchain networks, enabling assets to flow freely and without friction across the blockchain landscape.

Why the Name “X-404”?

The name “X-404” is imbued with deep significance, reflecting the protocolʼs foundational goals and technological advancements.

  • “X” symbolizes the protocol’s commitment to cross-chain functionality, emphasizing its capability to bridge various blockchain networks. This feature is pivotal in addressing the fragmentation within the current blockchain landscape, enabling a fluid exchange of digital assets and NFTs across different ecosystems.
  • “404” goes beyond a mere reference to the common error code. It symbolizes the new paradigm in NFT fractionization introduced by the protocol. This aspect of the protocol breaks new ground by enabling NFTs to be fractionized into smaller, more liquid components, democratizing access to valuable digital assets and fostering inclusivity in the NFT market.

The ERC-404 Standard: A Foundation for X-404

The ERC-404 standard forms the cornerstone of the X-404-XRGB protocol. It introduces a semi-fungible token model, which enables the representation of NFTs as fungible assets within specific contexts. While each NFT retains its unique identity and value, it can also be traded or staked similarly to conventional cryptocurrencies. This dual characteristic enhances liquidity and flexibility within the NFT market.

Key Features of X-404

  • Decentralized and Universal: The protocol operates on a decentralized network, ensuring security, transparency, and autonomy for its users. It aims to be universally applicable across all major blockchain platforms.
  • Omni-Chain Interoperability: One of the protocol’s standout features is its ability to facilitate cross-chain transactions. This means that NFTs and ERC-404 tokens can move freely between different blockchains, breaking down barriers that currently segment the digital asset space.
  • New Paradigm for NFT Liquidity: By allowing NFTs to be represented as ERC-404 tokens, the protocol introduces a new level of liquidity to assets that were previously illiquid or difficult to trade across different platforms.

The Future of NFTs with X-404 and XRGB Protocol

The introduction of the X-404&XRGB protocol marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of the NFT marketplace. By addressing critical issues of liquidity and interoperability, it paves the way for a more integrated, efficient, and user-friendly omnichain ecosystem. As this protocol gains adoption, it is expected to unlock new possibilities for NFT creators, collectors, and traders, ushering in a new era of cross-chain commerce and interaction.

Diagram A: The Workflow of X404 Protocol

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