IoI Creates a Revolutionary NFT Gaming Platform Together With Matic and Arkane Partner That Brings NFT via PayPal to Everyone.


Related to the recent partnerships announced between Trade Race Manager (TRM) and Polygon Network blockchain solution (Matic) and Arkane Network, we talked with CEO Rastislav Bakala. We asked him a couple of questions about the game.

Can you shortly explain the game?

Trade Race Manager is the gaming blockchain platform connecting traders and gamers thanks to Defi & NFT tools. We would like to emphasize the play2earn model where everybody has the same odds to win or earn rewards.

The basic idea is that you trade with a racing car, and every race car is holding a different portfolio according to your choice. We have a free version with some of the functions enabled and premium paid membership, but you cover your membership costs if you follow the daily tasks.

How long have you been developing the Trade Race Manager project?

The original idea arose more than two years ago since we are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and traders with a finance experience background.

We have created the first game version with 2D car models on the Tron blockchain, and currently, we are moving to the Polygon Network (Matic) already with a partnership announced and upgrading with NFTs, 3D car models built in Unity. There will be two versions, one still on Tron since we have a community there and the second one with NFTs, 3D models on Polygon.

Is the team anonymous? 

No, the team is not anonymous though we are not visible on the website; the team’s information is available for anybody if required and as a part of the pitch deck for private investors.

How do players can earn the rewards playing the game? 

There are various possibilities. The first one is that you win the race; hence your portfolio will make the highest ROI in the particular game time. We differentiate games with time lasting and the prize you can win.

The player can become a team member and get the team prize share. Moreover, there are unlimited reward possibilities with NFTs.

Why you use the NFTs, and which standard you prefer?

The nonfungible token utility is a brilliant idea of how to make the shift to the play2earn model. The benefit is that you own a car in our game, and hence it’s not limited only to our game but to the whole blockchain space.

You can race, stake, or sell the car on the open market like Arkane Network, where we made a partnership. If you buy the complete edition, you get a rare car that doubles your rewards, and not forget that the NFTs are limited to 200 000.

And as a surprise, we are preparing a family of NFTs like tracks and teams.

We are aware of the two standards for NFTs. The ERC-721 standard is excellent for tokenizing and creating unique assets that can be transferred from one wallet to another. However, a collection of ERC-721 tokens can prove slow and inefficient. This is where ERC-1155 comes in and can offer unique digital NFTs that allow batch transfers of multiple tokens at once and faster than an ERC-721.

We built NFTs on ERC-1155, which is described as a “next-generation multi-token standard,” and the focus here is truly a “multi-token” approach.

Do you have your token? 

Sure currently, we have an IOI token on the Tron blockchain, but we will move the game to Polygon (Matic), and the token will be on ETH using the bridge.

We are finalizing the listing details of the new token on DEX these days.

What are the token utilities? 

The token will be the backbone of the new game since you can not play without it. This is the essential utility list:

  • Purchase the membership and play games
  • Purchase NFT cars to increase the winning chance
  • Purchasing the whole car edition, you unlock the rare car NFT with double rewards
  • Purchase NFT and get staking rewards up to 24 %  APY
  • Hold 1000 IOI and get 10 % from the reward pool
  • Hold 10000 IOI and get 90 % from the reward pool
  • NFT collectible appreciation and cross-game utility
  • Access to other platform features is coming soon.

Is the token inflationary or deflationary?

We have a long-term plan, so we would like to avoid inflationary features that will cause short-term pumps. We have implemented burning principles with the rule of burning three times of the new supply every quarter.

New supply creates players with staking, playing and hence without gaming volume, there will be no burning.  There is a plan for a 60 % supply decrease with the continuous player’s growth during the next four years. We estimate the long-term IOI Token price appreciation.

Do you have any partnership or other plans for the near future you want to unveil?

We are continuously working on the new partnership and technical updates because we want our players to get excited. Once any news is ready, you will be informed.

Thank you for the open discussion. Definitely, Trade Race Manager game is one of the revolutionary projects on the market.

For anyone interested in the Trade Race Manager follow them on their website or social media as



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