Is COPIUM About to Explode With Supply Shock Following Epic 100 ETH Token Burn?

Prominent investors are increasingly starting to believe that Copium Club is about to explode following its epic token burn, which removed over 30% of the tokens from circulation. The project is blending the core principles behind the internet to embody them inside the next memecoin sensation, designed to help individuals cope with the brutal volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

The project brings a new blend of presale and memecoin meta, amassing over 200 influencers in its presale to push the tokens to the same heights as PEPE. With prestigious Twitter influencers on board, exchanges scrambling to list the token, and the incoming token burn, the stage is set for COPIUM to explode in the coming days.

COPIUM Surges on Launch With Insane Volume

COPIUM, the native token behind Copium Club, launched directly onto Uniswap DEX on May 18th, and it surged by over 400% in the first few minutes as traders piled in to get involved in the next memecoin sensation incubated by Twitter influencers. The launch attracted so much attention that the token managed to amass over $15 million in trading volume in its first 15 minutes of trading;


Copium Club was built for those who bought the top of popular tokens like PEPE and TURBO and ended up suffering through the market volatility. The project is a community-centered token that is more than just a memecoin investment. Instead, it’s a movement that takes the core tenets of the internet  – resilience, laughter, memes, and trolling – and embodies them into one memecoin explosion.

The project brought a new meta for memecoins and presales by hosting an exclusive invite-only presale for two hundred Twitter influencers, traders, and alpha callers. The team sold 30% of the supply, around 300,000 COPIUM, in the presale, allowing the investors to purchase a maximum of 1 ETH per wallet.

As a result, Copium Club came out of the gates swinging when it launched on Uniswap, as it had a slew of influencers already promoting the token. Some of the big names involved in the presale include the following;

The best part about the launch is that the team only unlocked 10% of the presale holdings, allowing them to sell a small portion of their investment at launch. This was intended to keep the launch as fair as possible and prevent the investors from selling their entire bag on the market at launch. The remaining 90% of the holdings are unlocked linearly over the next three weeks, ensuring that there will never be huge sales plaguing the market at one time.

Is Copium About to Explode Following Successful 30% Burn?


After a retracement over the past 24 hours, the team is ready to start putting its plans together to push the token to entirely new heights. The team recently announced that they intend to burn over 30% of the total COPIUM supply, which is roughly worth around 1000 ETH. This will be one of the biggest burns ever conducted by a memecoin project and will bring the token into an entirely new lane of its own.

The idea behind the token burn is to give back to the community and create a situation where the token will experience a supply shock as fewer tokens will flood onto the market to be sold. Typically, in Economics 101, if the demand for an asset increases at the same time when the supply is reduced will result in a value explosion of the asset, which is exactly what analysts are expecting to happen with COPIUM moving forward.


Exchanges Scrambling to List COPIUM as it Trends on DexTools

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite for COPIUM, the project is already gaining significant attention after trending on DexTools for the past 24 hours;

As a result of the overwhelming volume, it’s also not surprising to learn that exchanges are scrambling to list the token. The token was instantly launched on MEXC Global minutes after it was launched as they wanted to take advantage of the increased volume;


The token was then also listed on LBank, another top-10 ranked exchange in the industry;


Buy COPIUM Before Token Burn Effects Sink In

With so much backing behind the project and the FOMO about to kick in, the very recent retracement for the token provides you with the perfect opportunity to get positioned before the token burn really causes it to take off to new levels.

Buy COPIUM Today


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