Is DeeStream (DST) sensation the next Twitch & why does Ethereum (ETH) holders think $4,000 possible in March

The crypto space has had an incredible year so far, and the first quarter isn’t even over yet. The Bitcoin ETF, BTC reaching $52k, Ripple v. The SEC and other interesting news have already featured this year. Even more amazing events are expected like the Bitcoin (BTC) halving.

Ethereum (ETH) has also performed well this year. It has surpassed multiple estimates and recently crossed $3000. Investors are looking forward to a $4000 valuation by March but how likely is this?

And what other projects can investors look forward to? We think the answer is DeeStream (DST). Here’s why.

Can Ethereum (ETH) reach $4,000?

The value of Ethereum (ETH) at the start of this year was just above $2000. The token has grown massively since then, especially in February. Ethereum (ETH) has added around nearly (50)% in the last month.

Ethereum (ETH) is above $3,000 now and many investors expect it to reach $4,000. This may be likely if it continues to grow at this rate. However, Ethereum (ETH) may not reach this price until April. In any case, Ethereum (ETH) seems like a good option to invest in for decent returns right now.

Streaming sensation DeeStream (DST) amazes many

New crypto projects spark a lot of excitement in the crypto space. Some of them involve new applications of blockchain technology which always stir up the industry. For investors, new projects mean new, typically cheaper, opportunities to invest in cryptos. DeeStream (DST) is a new project that has an exciting application of blockchain technology and opportunities for returns.

On DeeStream (DST) users can sign up and stream or view live-streamed content from across the world. Streamers can earn money from gifted subs, Dee gifts and packages. Users can also earn crypto on DeeStream (DST) by completing tasks on the platform, unlike other platforms where users cannot make money from watching streams.

DeeStream (DST) also offers lower transaction fees for users. Deposits and withdrawals are also processed faster on DeeStream (DST). This means streamers will get their funds as soon as they request for them.

Streamers will also get more revenue from their streams thanks to its revenue-sharing plan. It aims to be a better streaming platform for viewers and streamers. DeeStream (DST) has much value as a token. Investors can buy the token for just $0.04 in its presale. This lower price makes it more affordable than tokens like Ethereum (ETH).

Its tokenomics are also decent. It has a total supply of up to 300 million units. The project also has team tokens restricted for 1,000 days so dumping is unlikely. Liquidity is also locked for life.

For its significant potential, investors back DeeStream (DST). Experts believe it could have a 20x return by the end of this year. The profits from this look amazing and smart investors won’t miss out.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.


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