Is Securedverse the P2E Game That Will Bring Many New Gamers Onboard?

The emergence of play-to-earn marks a significant milestone not just for the gaming industry but also for the global community. This market segment holds immense promise and has the capacity to revolutionize online interactions among people, as well as alter the standards for gamers. Crypto initiatives are well aware of this potential and are currently experimenting with different elements of blockchain technology and decentralized frameworks to establish a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. Given the nascent stage of this niche, there is still considerable upward momentum waiting to be utilized.

Securedverse, an FPS game that incorporates engaging P2E mechanisms, is a highly anticipated and promising title within this market segment. With its ongoing presale, the game is poised to compete with more established P2E games. We highlight the factors that render Securedverse appealing, along with other relevant details.

Securedverse is a Next-Gen Game in Many Aspects


The market is flooded with numerous alternative coins, a notable portion of which belong to the play-to-earn (P2E) domain. This particular sector is experiencing a surge in popularity and garnering significant attention. Nonetheless, there is substantial untapped potential that presents numerous avenues for growth, especially for teams possessing game development expertise.

Portsea Games, a renowned VR game developer with expertise in crafting multi-functional gaming experiences, is currently working on Securedverse, an altcoin project with a modest market capitalization. The game offers an enthralling First Person Shooter (FPS) gameplay experience with user-friendly controls.

Securedverse offers a distinctive feature that allows players to engage in battles against each other and earn SVC rewards based on their performance and time invested. The reward system is augmented by a leaderboard mechanism that monitors the players’ progress. Additionally, there are less competitive game modes that players can choose from to earn SVC. The game is also expected to incorporate new modes in the future, expanding the options for players to accumulate SVC in less challenging game modes.

Securedverse also boasts a noteworthy feature wherein players can stake the SVC token, which will be enabled after the release of specific heroes, maps, and game modes. The team aims to focus on developing virtual reality (VR) functionalities as the game progresses.

The Securedverse Presale is Underway

Having covered the basics of Securedverse, it is worth delving into the presale of the SVC token, which is rapidly gaining attention in the cryptocurrency community.

Currently, Securedverse is in the initial phase of its presale, with the SVC token priced at 0.0143 USDT. Although additional stages are forthcoming, the token price is expected to rise to 0.0186 USDT. Therefore, if you are intrigued by the project, it is advisable to participate in the presale at the earliest opportunity.

The presale of the SVC token will consist of a total of four stages, with the third and fourth stages resulting in a price increase to 0.023 USDT and 0.030 USDT, respectively. Following the completion of the presale, exchange listings are scheduled, and the team will disclose the selected exchanges as the presale progresses.

Check Out the Secureverse Presale

Securedverse Has Many Modes and Maps Lined Up


It is uncommon for a crypto project to be so developed at launch. There are typically new features to incorporate, enhancements to implement, and community feedback to consider. The Securedverse team recognizes this and has meticulously detailed its future plans, providing an understanding of how the game will evolve.

Securedverse has an exciting future plan, with the initial half of 2023 primarily devoted to the presale. Nonetheless, the team aims to promptly launch the game, signifying that investors will soon be able to participate in the game. In subsequent stages, the team will concentrate on integrating new maps, heroes, and game modes, as well as enhancing the staking mechanism, refining the user experience (UX/UI), and arranging exclusive events.

One of the most thrilling things about Securedverse is that the game launch is just around the corner. It’s highly anticipated that the crypto community will witness an influx of gamers, which will undoubtedly create a stir in the crypto market. There’s a noticeable absence of FPS games in the P2E market, and Securedverse could surely be one of the pioneering games in this space.

Securedverse: A FPS P2E Game that is Next-Gen in Many Ways

Securedverse stands out from other games in the market due to its highly ambitious concept, which is not commonly seen in the gaming industry. It offers a fully developed FPS game with multiple modes, coupled with innovative play-to-earn mechanics. If the game performs as expected, it could revolutionize the play-to-earn market and demonstrate that blockchain technology can indeed be integrated into more elaborate gaming experiences.

Check Out the Secureverse Presale


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