Jack Dorsey Reacts to Worldcoin’s Frenzy for Iris Scans, DigiToads (TOADS) Demand Reaches New Momentum

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter and Square, has reacted to the frenzy for iris scans by Worldcoin, a new cryptocurrency project. Dorsey has expressed concerns about the privacy implications of the project, which requires users to scan their irises in order to create an account. Worldcoin has said that it will use the iris scans to prevent fraud and ensure that each user only has one account. However, Dorsey has argued that the project could be used to track people’s movements and activities.

Amidst this frenzy, DigiToads (TOADS) demand has reached new heights, drawing attention as a prominent player in the market. With its unique approach and real-world utilities, DigiToads has successfully made its mark as the best DeFi crypto of 2023. As the momentum around DigiToads intensifies, it is becoming increasingly evident that this memecoin is not just another passing trend but a contender with real potential and staying power.

Jack Dorsey’s Reaction to Worldcoin’s Iris Scans

As the world witnesses Worldcoin’s frenzy over iris scans, tech mogul Jack Dorsey’s reaction has captured attention. The ambitious project aims to provide universal basic income using biometric identification, raising both excitement and concerns.

“This is concerning,” Dorsey tweeted. “Biometric data should not be used as a form of ID without clear consent and strong privacy protections.” Dorsey’s concerns have been echoed by other privacy advocates. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has called on Worldcoin to abandon its plans to use iris scans, arguing that the project is “a privacy nightmare.”

It is unclear whether Worldcoin will heed the concerns of privacy advocates. The project has already raised over $23 million in funding, and it is currently in the process of rolling out its iris scanning technology. Only time will tell whether Worldcoin will be able to overcome the privacy concerns that have been raised about its project. However, Dorsey’s reaction to the project is a reminder that the use of biometric data for cryptocurrency accounts raises serious privacy concerns.

DigiToads Soaring Demand Sparks New Momentum in the Cryptocurrency Market

DigiToads (TOADS) is experiencing an extraordinary surge in demand, propelling it to the forefront of the cryptocurrency market. The presale’s performance has been truly remarkable, garnering an astounding $6.6 million in investments. As the excitement grows, all eyes are on DigiToads, anticipating its potential to make significant waves in the crypto world.

A major driving force behind DigiToads’ meteoric rise is its robust tokenomics. With 585 million total tokens in circulation, the allocation strategy has been meticulously planned to ensure a balanced distribution. 69.29% of the total token supply (405.35 million) is exclusively reserved for the presale phase, ensuring early investors get a significant share. Additionally, 76.99 million tokens (13.16%) have been allocated for Community Growth & Liquidity, fostering a thriving ecosystem that attracts more participants. Furthermore, 42.66 million tokens (7.29%) have been dedicated to Competitions & Prizes, stimulating engagement within the community.

The launch dates of DigiToads are eagerly anticipated, with the presale currently in stage 10. As of now, the current price for 1 TOADS is $0.05, and the total price increase has reached an impressive 400%. Upon launch, the price is expected to be $0.055, signifying a 450% increase, offering investors substantial potential for growth.


As the world of cryptocurrencies evolves, notable figures like Jack Dorsey’s response to Worldcoin’s innovative approach creates a ripple effect of curiosity and excitement. Amidst this frenzy, DigiToads (TOADS) demand continues to soar, signaling its potential for significant growth. As DigiToads garners more attention and recognition, it has secured a place among the top 5 cryptocurrencies that investors should closely monitor. Its unique features, including Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming and NFT staking, have contributed to its popularity. The exciting prospects of earning rewards through gameplay and staking NFTs have drawn widespread interest, making DigiToads a compelling investment option for both experienced traders and beginners exploring the cryptocurrency market.

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