Javvy to Bring About Mainstream Crypto Adoption


The Javvy Crypto Solution is the World’s First Crypto Wallet with Built-in Exchange Aggregator

ATLANTA, November 27, 2018 – Everyone in crypto knows that no truly easy way to buy, sell, and manage all major cryptocurrencies within a simple, secure application exists yet. It seems hard to believe that nobody has delivered a usable solution in almost a decade, but there are agendas and reasons why that is true. Many have claimed to be working on a solution but dig deeper and see that they are all vaporware, or worse, raised money and never delivered. That gives the crypto market, blockchain fundraisers (ICOs), and the entire industry a bad name.

The Javvy crypto solution, in contrast, has focused on product development first, rather just pitching an “idea” and hoping for a quick payday. Javvy has built a solid, qualified team of security, compliance, regulatory, and coding professionals that is pioneering the way forward to deliver the first truly easy and comprehensive crypto solution.

The main problems facing would-be crypto traders are:

  • Too many choices, most of which are web-based, insecure, or missing key features
  • Lack of ways to easily buy and sell using national currencies (Fiat, such as USD)
  • Lack of support for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Lack of a vision for regulatory compliance in a way that eases the burden on consumers
  • Lack of an adequate focus on proper customer service and reliability

Javvy will finally bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream by giving users “the easy button” for buying/selling/trading it, using it in the real world (international debit card, easy peer-to-peer payments, etc), and storing it safely.

The Key points to know about Javvy:

  • Launched its minimum viable product (MVP with send/receive capability), in July of 2018
  • Built-in exchange aggregator is an “exchange of exchanges” (both decentralized and centralized), allowing Javvy to always provide the most liquidity at the best rates
  • Banking bridge to support buying and selling with national currencies (Fiat)
  • Already supports crypto-to-crypto conversion and whitelisting for ICO/STO participation
  • Available on all platforms (Windows, iOS, & Android… Linux / Mac soon after funding)
  • No user’s private information will be stored on Javvy servers (security focus)
  • Will use the Javvy utility token for discounted fees, loyalty rewards, and staking *
  • All crypto wallet features suspended during the ICO, to focus on the fundraising goal

*Javvy’s utility token is necessary for advanced features and to avoid reliance on any specific blockchain (portability).

Support the Javvy vision for crypto as the future of finance and earn bonuses by purchasing Javvy ICO utility tokens now! Install the Javvy app to complete the whitelisting and ICO contribution process or purchase tokens through the popular LATOKEN crypto exchange during the pre-sale and receive the same great 25% bonus!

Javvy’s crypto solution is available in mobile app stores and as a Javvy Windows download. **

**Everyone, except citizens of China, may purchase Javvy ICO utility tokens via the wallet app

Buy Javvy (JVY) tokens via LATOKEN using BTC/ETH/USDT: Buy Javvy Tokens ***

***Kindly check LATOKEN’s “Terms of Use” to see if your country can participate (section 1.e.)

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens with over $50+ million daily turnover & 120,000+ registered traders.

Legal Disclaimers: https://javvy.com/legal/customers-partners/legal-disclaimers.html


– – – – –

Javvy is the soon-to-be leader in Crypto FinTech for securely buying, selling, converting, using, and managing all major cryptocurrencies in a comprehensive application. For more details or to contact Javvy, please reach us via the website or by phone: +1.888.763.6797.

Be sure to join our huge and growing community on Telegram and Twitter! Let’s talk!


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