Jetshare (JETT$) Protocol Garners More Investors Before The New Year


Jetshare (JETT$) is a project providing fractional NFT ownership of real-world Jets to anyone. Jetshare has launched its JETT$ utility token to reward the community, investors and early backers. The token sale will allow Jetshare to purchase multiple aircrafts including Bombardier Challengers, Pipers, Gulfstreams and Hawkers, as well as expand its team, develop a robust and long-lasting ecosystem.

Early backers will receive discounts on transaction fees (up to 100%), Storage fees (up to 50%) and maintenance fees (up to 100%). The more tokens you hold, the more discounts you receive. Each NFT represents a real-world Jet, and once minted, each NFT is fractionalized so the community can purchase a stake for as little as $5.

Investors can buy, sell, trade, or auction their NFTs at any time using the Jetshare exclusive marketplace, which is accessible around the clock. Any pre-sale tokens that are still in existence will be burned in order to decrease the supply. Token holders can use their token to charter Jets from a number of partners, pay for goods at private Jet airports around the globe and borrow against their real world Jet backed NFT at competitive rates.

They have introduced a vesting plan to protect the community and the token floor price. Tokens will be airdropped weekly over the course of five weeks once the pre-sale is over.

Join Jetshare (JETT$) and enjoy all they have to offer

Jetshare (JETT$) is the first cryptocurrency marketplace for buying, selling, and investing in Jets and is renowned for its distinctive features. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which plays a crucial part in Jetshare’s platform, provides scalability, low fees, and quick transfer times.

Holders of Jetshare’s native token JETT$, will be granted the opportunity to attain multiple rewards after earning a membership status that is dependent on the sum of your investment. The three membership levels available through Jetshare are gold, silver, and bronze. Gold is the preeminent membership status with luxury benefits attached incl, free flying lessons, discounted private Jet charters, coupons, Aviator NFTs and more.

Just below gold is silver, providing investors with a host of other benefits and rewards like invitations to annual jet events, priority notice and discounts on exclusive and discontinued aviator NFT drops and more. Bronze is the lowest attainable membership investors can become and still receive member advantages. With bronze, you’ll be able to participate in a lottery and have a chance to win complimentary free sightseeing flights at your nearest local airfield. However, you first need to join the community to qualify for these memberships.

Jetshare (JETT$) makes it possible for you to opt-out of the Jetshare fractional ownership programme at any time after three years, in which case they will buy back your NFT share at full market value. The reason behind this is to demonstrate to holders that Jetshare is confident in the future of their business and long-term viability.

Final Conclusion

Jetshare (JETT$) is a unique cryptocurrency, becoming the first crypto private Jet token to enter the live market with a robust roadmap, introducing a whole new way for a fast and secure involvement with luxury private Jets. In hopes of providing a go-to destination for jet enthusiasts, Jetshare also desires to build a platform that can be as safe and efficient as possible. Please click here for more information on Jetshare (JETT$).



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