Join the AMEPAY’s Private Sale! – 450 Million of Tokens Prepared


After months of research, analysis, and hardwork, AMEPAY finally launches the AME Token – the future primary currency of its own network. Due to its promising cutting-edge technology and affordable price, over 13% of the tokens intended for phase one were already sold.

What is AME Token?

The AME token is the newest cryptocurrency developed by AMEPAY, built on the Ethereum-based ERC-20 protocol. The company wants to use it for all payments and transactions executed on their network.

It can be bought until 31st October with BTC, ETH, XRP, or fiat currencies, and it can bring you up to 100% bonus on purchase.

AMEPAY’s Token has a variety of applications, allowing its users to make payments, exchange it to fiat or crypto, or even execute worldwide transactions. And to top it all off, the project also offers a cashback system.

Its value is 0.02 USD and the total token supply is 1.5 billion, of which 30% is intended for different rewards for users.

Why is AME Token so special?

The AME token is part of a promising strategy established by AMEPAY that aims to make cryptocurrency payments less complex and less expensive. Along with the AMEPAY Wallet and AMEPAY Merchant, those tokens could be easily converted to the desired currency in an instant. And you wouldn’t have to worry about the shifting value of your currency.

If you want to see exactly how these transactions would take place, you will be happy to know that AMEPAY made a special video, presenting a demo product in real life:

The company plans to make cryptocurrencies increasingly popular and useful at the same time. This is why its activity is focused on the most relevant part of digital money – the relationship between users and merchants.

You need money to buy things, right? Therefore, wouldn’t it be awesome if more of your favorite shops or restaurants would accept cryptocurrency?

AMEPAY already has a network of more than 1,500 merchants from 8 countries. But this will soon change up to 1 million, due to the multiple benefits the team prepared for vendors, like the online payment gateway. With this, the merchants could easily digitize their store and convert the currencies received in any form they want.

In short, even if your favorite restaurant doesn’t work with crypto, you could still use AME Tokens to get that delicious ice cream you saw on the menu.

Besides that, users can enjoy a lot of other advantages, depending on the feature they use:

  • By making transactions with AME Token, people can get rewards through the incentive program;
  • The AMEPAY Wallet will be available on different platforms, from Web to Android;
  • The same wallet will enable easy liquidity, allow P2P fund transfers, and it will even generate paper wallet codes;
  • And many more.


Investing in AMEPAY means investing in a better future. Having 8 years of experience in providing PoS software and hardware solutions, the team of AMEPAY saw the great possibilities the blockchain technology offers and they immediately started working with it.

Providing people with solutions that don’t depend on government or banks activity, who can protect people’s identity and therefore people’s income, was a dream come true. And AMEPAY didn’t stop there. They continued to develop this area by making crypto much more affordable and easy to understand.

Their activity is not just technical. It requires great business knowledge, especially negotiation techniques, so they can be convincing when talking with merchants. Remember that AMEPAY is aiming to grow the number of crypto users up to one million in just a single year.

It may seem like an idealistic dream, but without great goals you can’t achieve the best things in life. The company sure has a lot of courage and optimism, and this is exactly what the world needs.

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