Join the Staking Frenzy: Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) Surpasses $900K Milestone – Your Chance for Accurate Price Predictions.

Green Bitcoin is starting to gain traction as investors start a staking frenzy, with over 65% of the total supply of $GBTC already staked.

The presale has raised a staggering $900,000 as investors rush to get positioned as early adopters in the predict-to-earn platform.

Green Bitcoin provides rewards for those casting accurate Bitcoin price predictions, providing exponential earnings scaled to their level of investment.

Green Bitcoin Soars Past $900K As Investors Rush to Predict-to-earn Platform

Green Bitcoin has exploded past the $900,000 level as investors rush to get positioned as early adopters in the latest predict-to-earn platform.

The project allows users to predict the future price of Bitcoin and earn huge rewards for accurate forecasts.

Green Bitcoin is tied to the price of Bitcoin through its staking ecosystem, but with an environmentally friendly PoS blockchain to make it 10,000 times more eco-friendly than Bitcoin.

The project is quickly gaining traction as it heads toward the $1 million milestone, as investors believe its staking ecosystem will cause a huge supply shock on the open market.

Gamified Green Staking Starting Staking Frenzy For Massive Earnings

Green Bitcoin is introducing a novel staking mechanism called Gamified Green Staking.

The staking ecosystem empowers users to make daily price predictions and earn rewards if their forecast falls in the “green zone.”

Users are required to stake their $GBTC tokens for a short period to be eligible to participate in the daily price prediction contests.

Those casting successful predictions are rewarded with a proportionate share of the daily staking reward pool. The team has set aside a whopping 27.5% of the total supply for the incentivized staking mechanism, providing rewards for the next two years.

The entire idea behind the staking ecosystem is to foster a blockchain that’s filled with engagement and activity rather than an inactive ecosystem purely built for speculation. As a result, investors expect Green Bitcoin to become one of the most active blockchains on the Ethereum network.

Users must stake their $GBTC and place their forecast before 11:30 PM EST to participate.

The smart contract will then tally the day’s forecasts against the actual Bitcoin price trend at midnight, and those with accurate predictions are rewarded with a cut from the day’s mining fee rewards.

The rewards are distributed to winners every ten minutes, paying homage to the original Bitcoin block reward time. Users can collect the aggregate of their day’s rewards every 24 hours to keep redemption costs low.

Best of all, those staking their $GBTC for longer periods are rewarded with a bonus on top of their daily mining earnings for their commitment to the ecosystem.

For example, those staking their $GBTC for more than a week are rewarded with a 5% bonus, while those staking for more than a month are rewarded a 10% bonus.

Potential Supply Shock Leading to Huge Price Pump?

Investors are quickly growing excited about the future prospects for $GBTC as they believe the staking ecosystem will cause a potential supply shock on the open market and lead to a huge price pump.

They reason that the majority of $GBTC will be locked away in the staking contact, leaving few tokens available to purchase on the open market.

As a result, those looking to participate in the price prediction contests following the presale will likely be forced to pay higher prices for the few remaining available $GBTC tokens on the open market.

To put this into perspective, over 65% of the total $GBTC tokens available in the presale have already been staked. That means less than 40% of the total circulating supply can be purchased.

In addition, those currently staking are earning an impressive 300% APY on their holdings – providing more incentive to keep staking.

Time To Get Positioned Now

The presale provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in $GBTC before the herd.

The token can currently be purchased at the presale price of $0.4642.

However, it’s important to note that early adopters experience the most benefit as the presale utilizes a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of the token continuously increases during fundraising.

Therefore, those positioned earliest leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns.

Overall, Green Bitcoin is bringing a new era to blockchain utility through price prediction contests. The staking mechanism might cause a supply shock on the open market, leading to healthy gains for those buying today.

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