JPGoldcoin Token: Main ICO Sales


The global crypto marketspace is currently rocked with daunting challenges. Unfortunately, its massive aggressive investors had no insurance cover nor any form of instrument for a safe landing in the face of unforeseen crisis. Many therefore have been left hopeless with no recovery coming anytime soon. Although, in the face of this financial crisis some people have gained tremendously, for example early investors in bitcoin are having a great year so far. This great year is what we are offering our JPGoldcoin investors in less than 5 years from 2021.

JPGoldcoin a project by Japaul Gold & Ventures Plc; one of the giants in the Africa Mining industry. With over two decades of experience in oil exploration and maritime services, making it shares one of the strongest in the country it is domiciled. As an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, JPGoldcoin is secured and guarantees the privacy of investors.

Through blockchain solutions, we intend to change the world, by democratizing the crypto space to ensure that everybody has equal access to the next generation of technology that is set to revolutionize the world; also ensuring easy ownership and distribution of physical gold to those who would have difficulty or discourage entering the gold market.

Main ICO

We have successfully completed our 3 Pre-sale stages and pleased to announce the commencement of our main ICO stage, which will run from September 20th to October 31st , 2021.

At this ICO stage, our gold coin tokens will be worth 1 JPGC – $1, and a 5% bonus will be given on your investment. This means that if you have failed to make an investment before now, this is the next best opportunity for you to do so!

Upon purchase, a gold certificate of participation will be presented to every investor after the distribution of tokens. This certificate can be used to claim your physical gold bars and exchange for cash. So far, we have made huge progress on our presale stages, even in the face of huge crypto market fluctuations, our investors have continually trust us due to the hybrid nature of the JPGoldcoin Token; guaranteeing its stability in the face of volatility.

Upon the completion of our main ICO stage, we would be proceeding to list our token on various exchange platforms, where investors can trade and exchange freely, but at a higher price. To open and account and start buying your tokens, or for more information on our project and offerings, please visit our website or read our white paper. Also, follow us on our social media handles for daily updates; Telegram  Facebook  Twitter  Youtube  Instagram  LinkedIn  Reddit

Why JPGoldcoin?

The blockchain technology is undoubtedly the world’s most recent technological development that has come with what could be termed the “new normal”, a new way of doing things across all sectors of every economy. The crypto world has taken the planet by storm over the last few years and is developing into one of the world’s major players, within, but not limited to finance, business, entertainment and investment. Therefore, we decided to merge this powerful technology with the acquisition of the world’s most stable investment – Gold.

Investment in our token will go towards setting up a gold production plant, to commence gold production from these reserves as detailed in our roadmap. In addition, we will engage in trading of gold, which will add even more value to our investors, as it would lead to the continuous appreciation of the JPGoldcoin token. We are working with the best Canadian exploration and technology experts to increase gold production and achieve our projections of 895,795 ounces of gold by 2030.

The uniqueness of our project is such that it provides investment opportunities to experienced investors. Unlike general cryptocurrencies and many others, which are utility-based and supported by market hype and perceptions, the JPGoldCoin token will be backed by the Gold mined from our various mining sites across Africa by our team of Canadian exploration experts.

The main features of the JPGoldCoin include:

Mining, Storage and Security

JaPaul Gold and Ventures holds a global license in mining of gold and other solid minerals, this we have been doing in accordance with safety and environmental protection guidelines. Processed pure gold will be stored in highly secured financial institutions such as the Central Bank and vaults of banks. Investors who choose to store theirs in a different vault in their country of residence will get theirs transported to them. Hence, all investors are assured of the security and authenticity of their physical gold.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As parts of our social responsibility to mining communities, we providing free medical supplies, constructing roads this is in addition to our educational support program and portable water provision by drilling boreholes.  The Jegede Paul Foundation and Life Fountain Orphanage Home have extended its goodwill to these communities, providing care to those in need.

Watch the crypto marketspace for the next big thing – JPGoldcoin.

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