Jump-starting Crypto Adoption: Aurix IEO Scheduled for January 21st on ExMarkets!


Here at ExMarkets, we are thrilled to announce Aurix’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will go live on January 21st on our LaunchPad. We have decided to place our faith in Aurix, because we share the vision of the project’s creators. We also trust their in-depth knowledge of the most pressing issues in the world of finance and their awareness of the barriers that still stand in the way of widespread crypto adoption. We have been convinced — it is time for change.

About time. Customers are fed up with low-quality, second-rate financial services on offer. People are tired of opaque fee structures, sick of hearing about regular data breaches, and frustrated by the lack of crypto-friendly solutions. Aurix promises to upend this status quo by designing a simple, transparent, and user-friendly crypto finance ecosystem. It seeks to uproot outdated legacy systems and seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into our daily lives for the better.

Aurix benefits:

Highest Cashback on the Market

  • Up to 9% of all DeFi Card Spending.
  • Up to 90% of all Crypto Exchange/Trading.

Personal Crypto Card

  • $0.00 annual fees.

Ultra-low fees for all transactions and services, without any hidden terms and conditions.

  • In 2021, there will be a 75% discount for transactions in AUR

Intuitive user interface tailored to the specific preferences of traders.

Deep liquidity pools, offering immense liquidity for popularly traded cryptocurrencies.

Top-notch security standards for blockchain-based trading and services.

Simple Aurix plugin for merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies.


A Finance Ecosystem, designed with Transparency, Usability and Common-Sense in mind.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in Aurix’s IEO on ExMarkets Launchpad!

Mark the date: the IEO goes live on January 21st.

Ambitious Roadmap

Aurix is wasting no time and is advancing rapidly towards this vision. Organizing a fundraising campaign on ExMarkets is just the start. Traders who join today will also be joining the future of the new financial world order.

Aurix IEO on ExMarkets

Aurix Initial Exchange Offering will consist of 3 rounds, the first of which will commence on January 21st. Early IEO participants will receive additional bonus tokens.

Phase 1: 21/01/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 03/02/2020 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 20% Bonus!
Phase 2: 08/02/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 22/02/2021 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 10% Bonus!
Phase 3: 26/02/2021, 10:00am, GMT – 12/03/2021 11:00pm, GMT | $1.00 | 5% Bonus!

Token sale fundamentals:

  • KYC – NO
  • STARTING PRICE – $1.00
  • TOTAL SUPPLY – 20,000,000 AUR
  • AVAILABLE FOR SALE – 3,000,000 AUR
  • HARD CAP – $3,000,000 

Be sure to participate as early as possible to not miss out! Just remember to open your account on ExMarkets in advance, so you’re ready when the action starts. For more information about the project, visit the Aurix website. And if you have any questions, feel free to message us on ExMarkets Telegram Group!

See you during the sale!



ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art, in-house trading engine. On the exchange, ExMarkets users can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as participate in the token sales of the most promising blockchain and crypto projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad.

ExMarkets has 2 operational licenses for crypto-fiat gateway and custodian service provision by the Estonian regulator, making it one of a few officially certified players in the market.

It takes only a few minutes to set up your account and users are allowed to make deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, other supported cryptocurrencies, tokens, and, most importantly, Euros.

To top it all off, ExMarkets is a part of the CoinStruction liquidity framework which is aggregating order-books from the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges guaranteeing 24/7 crypto liquidity — a feature seldom seen in the current market.


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