Keninah Is Making Donation A Faster Possibility While Also Learning About Ethereum


Blockchain crypto has expanded so much that its underlying feature – decentralisation, is now the other of the day in the cryptocurrency world. However, various blockchain projects are used or developed for different purposes. Therefore, coins like Keninah and Ethereum are good examples that largely explain the various use cases in the blockchain. With Ethereum’s primary aim to ensure faster transaction speed and Keninah here to provide humanitarian services through blockchain, cryptocurrency is taking over every sector.

Ethereum has been the world’s second cryptocurrency and is famous for pioneering dApps. However, smart contracts do not come without problems, making them less attractive for purchase. In addition, Ethereum’s inability to scale to meet demand and its slow execution of transactions is a disservice to its users.

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralised blockchain platform with its in-house cryptocurrency – ETH or Ether. However, the Ethereum blockchain also functions as a platform for numerous other cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also allows for the execution of decentralised smart contracts.

However, the Ethereum blockchain was first mentioned and described in a whitepaper in 2013. As a result, the Ethereum foundation officially launched in 2015, and since then, it has gone through several updates. Therefore, the main goal of this platform is to become a global platform for other decentralised applications.

Also, the Ethereum platform allows users worldwide to write and run software resistant to censorship, fraud, and downtime. The Ethereum platform has eight founders, which according to record, is a large number for a crypto project. However, all these founders have been significant to the growth of this blockchain platform.

However, Ethereum is a product of the marriage of decentralisation and blockchain technology.

What Are the Potentialities Of Keninah And Ethereum?

The Ethereum goal is to become a global platform for decentralised applications, allowing its users to write and run software resistant to censorship, downtime, and fraud. As a result, various other platforms have been built on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, Ethereum is a platform where all these other transactions run their operations.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s Blockchain was designed following the instructions of Gavin Wood. The design was done to represent one computer that functions for the entire planet. Also, theoretically, the computer can effectively make any program robust, censorship-resistant, and less prone to fraud. However, Ethereum still runs on the proof-of-work consensus with all these advantages and innovations. This is because the proof-of-work consensus consumes so much energy, and the cost of computing is also so exorbitant.

The Keninah platform uses an immutable shared ledger that translates to full transparency of donations. This provides KEN users with a traceable accounting system since no records on the blockchain can be erased. Therefore, donors can see where their donations are going and what they are being used for. The Keninah platform thrives on transparency, ensuring you can see how the grant is used.

Keninah is a blockchain project conceived as a donation protocol. Tokenized by KEN, this blockchain possesses convenient use cases that are humanity friendly. The vision of the Keninah blockchain is to provide war victims across the globe with a safe passage through these life-changing events.

As a result, the Keninah platform recognizes the importance of practical use cases. Moreover, in the KEN ecosystem, the reviewed use cases are convenient to the extent of the last destination of the money donated. Therefore, if you are a crypto enthusiast that wants to spread your blockchain investment into donations for displaced parts of the world, Keninah is the right platform for you.

The Keninah platform provides bonus profits for its users and investors. For example, when a new user completes registration on the Keninah platform within 30 minutes, a 40% bonus is accrued to those users. In addition, the referrer and the client are given $30 for a $100 purchase.

Keninah has proven through its features and especially its use case that it will efficiently cater to global needs and its users.

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