Kepler Technologies – Highest Rated ICO About to Start Pre-Sale


Lately, there has been more and more talk of Kepler Technologies, a young and ambitious startup that has been receiving excellent ratings from all leading ICO-review websites. Multiple experts on sites such as ICO Bench (4.9/5), CoinGecko (5/5), Track ICO (5/5) and Token Lion (5/5) all agree that this is the most revolutionary and interesting crypto project at the moment. Team, vision, and product all seem to have left long-lasting impressions on experts and analysts – but what is it all about?

Kepler Technologies is trying to bring together some of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century, namely Robotics, AI, and Blockchain. The goal is to introduce a platform, Kepler Universe, on which developers, investors, and innovators from all around the world can finally connect to work together on revolutionary projects and ideas. The sad truth is that many amazing dreams are never realized because of a lack of funding or experience. Simplifying the tedious process of connecting people in this space makes life a lot easier for all parties involved, hereby enabling true innovation to take place and change our future forever.

All settlements in the ecosystem will be conducted in KEP and make it possible for holders to purchase robots and licenses, as well as subscription services for AI. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all of this (besides eventually being able to get your own robot) is the possibility to invest in the development of new robotics through the platform incubator, making it a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors.

KEP tokens have a maximum supply of 100.000.000 and are valued at $1.25 each. After an initial round of funding, Kepler was already able to raise $2.700.000 through its “Community Building Stage”, an opportunity for the crypto community to participate in the early stages of pre-ICO. Due to unstable market conditions, this phase went on a bit longer than expected, which is why the pre-sale (including 30% bonus on all token purchases) has been moved to May 22nd. It will be open for two weeks, with 5.000.000 tokens available for purchase.

The ICO is set for June 26th and will last 3 weeks. The bonus for participating is 20%, 10%, and 5%, getting lower each week. Kepler plans to launch its own blockchain in the future and has many other interesting ideas, such as building a high-tech lab, a mega factory and even its own university, all on land provided by the startup and tech-friendly Georgian government.

With the world’s leading blockchain advisors, sophisticated partners of the highest degree (such as Tech Park Georgia as well as universities throughout the world) and a team consisting of over 50 dedicated and hard-working members in the companies Tbilisi office, the stage for Kepler’s great rise is set. KEP is expected to hit major exchanges by July and have the alpha launch of its Kepler Universe platform in Q3 2018. Get ready for the pre-sale now and do your part in changing the world!

Learn more about Kepler’s project at –


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