Kimex- a Binary Option Transactions Supported by Smart Contracts – Is Public to Investors on August, 2018.


To many financial investors throughout the world, Binary Option is not a new concept. However, in Vietnam’s financial market, there are very few who understand and use binary options based on Blockchain platform.

Taken as a key to success, giant KIMEX project is public to financial market pervasively by KIMEX builders.

With a unique business pattern, our company is intending to reinforce financial market via smart contracts; consequently, it is an effective stepping stone to make KIMEX perfect transaction mean.

KIMEX fundamental information

What is KIMEX

KIMEX is a decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain in terms of peer to peer pattern. After KIMEX builders allow using Binary options platform, they will develop more complex transactions.


On the contrary to traditional transaction methods, KIMEX project supplies traders with a perfectly trustworthy transaction environment. It is efficient at improving the worst situation many traders face in the most minimal margin and guarantee safe transactions.

The prestigious market guarantees traders connecting to the platform via the white-label program that all the information available to them is precise and worthy to accomplish transactions based on it.

KIMEX, powered by Blockchain has exceptional traits. By using KIMEX, no one can counterfeit information or depress the market like in other traditional means.

Besides, KIMEX is also called a token sales, using as a 100% oriential profit stocks based in KIMEX.IO.

“ Our mission is to bring explicit market of derived financial market as well as potential ones to ensure the promotion of shared financial market”, KIMEX producer team leaders said.

Let imagine that there is a platform in which all transactions are viewable and no one can change the process by fraud.


As other projects in this kind of market, KIMEX, in particular, powered by Blockchain need more time to access to traders and investors.

It is the time to show its value to become prevalent around the world, not just in recent developed countries.


KIMEX project is established and developed in 8 steps:

  • January – February 2018: there is a meeting between the foundations of KIMEX and their partners.
  • 15, August 2018: KIMEX is made public.
  • 1, September 2018: ICO campaign starts.
  • March, 2019: Binary Option platform powered by Blockchain is public.
  • June, 2019: Introduction to the internal exchange market.
  • December 2019: KIMEX electronic wallet will be introduced.
  • March 2019: KIMEX app on mobile phones will be introduced.
  • October 2020: the upcoming office in Singapore will be established.

Developing KIMEX team:

There are 6 specialists and counselors in finance and technology aspects who have worked on Blockchain for 5 years. They are:

  • Adam Son – Founder and CEO.
  • Gideon Huynh – Founder and CTO
  • Jully Bridget – Chief Marketing Manager.
  • Pearl Dương – Senior Software Development.
  • Peter Tran –Product Manager.
  • Phi Hoang –  Blockchain developer.

It is undeniable the KIMEX is a breakthrough in the financial market. With a motto “ pioneer”, it is better, faster to achieve profits.  Are you ready to become an investor in 4.0 centery?

To know more information about KIMEX project, please access:

Contact to purchase in advance via email [email protected]

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