Kucoin (KCS) Decreases As Yachtify (YCHT)’s Popularity Spreads Through Maritime Industry

Kucoin (KCS) has been on an impressive rally since the start of the year, but its momentum has cooled off significantly since March. It is expected to face further pressure from Yachtify (YCHT), the perfect Web 3 protocol, to join the crypto industry. Yachtify (YCHT) offers a smooth, easy way for investors to join a recession-proof maritime industry and get several streams of income.

Yachtify (YCHT) Offers Specialty Services to Its Users

The platform allows individuals to easily buy and sell fractions of luxury yachts and other sea vessels, and it covers anything from a jet ski to a sunseeker yacht. Investors who own yachts already can either list their yachts’ shares for sale or rent. Whenever yachts are rented out, investors who own them are rewarded with commissions based on their share of the sea vessel.

Yachtify uses fractionalized NFTs which make buying vessels in shares easier. These NFTs sell for as low as $100 per piece. Investors are allowed to buy and sell such NFTs on any marketplace, including Yachtify. Furthermore, Yachtify users enjoy the expertise of the platform’s specialists, who are tasked with finding the best yacht deals i.e., the yachts with the best long-term sale/lease value. They also get to enjoy the safety that comes with high-end blockchain technology.

All yachts under the platform are listed publicly on national and international yacht ownership databases. They will also be stored at secure ports worldwide. Investors will also enjoy discounts on yacht lending rates, fuel costs, maintenance, and storage. The platform is also collaborating with other platforms to ensure that the YCHT token becomes an accepted form of payment around the world.

Yachtify is one of the fastest-selling tokens right now, and its price is expected to rise soon. Right now, it only costs $0.10, which makes it cheap enough for many investors. Furthermore, there is an ongoing 30% bonus for new investors who join the project.

Kucoin (KCS) Cools Off In March

Kucoin (KCS) token has cooled off significantly in the past two months thanks to a market-wide sell-off. Kucoin (KCS) was trading at $6.5 at the start of the year. It then rallied to $7.8 by mid-January.

It hovered in that price range for a while before rising to $9.03 by early February. Kucoin (KCS) then dropped to $8 by mid-march. It rose to $9.4 a week later, which led many investors to believe that it could surpass $10 by the end of the year. It then dropped to $8 in early April and has continued falling since then.

At the time of this writing, Kucoin (KCS) is trading at $7.6. Kucoin (KCS)’s activity picked up sharply since the end of the year as trading activity within the crypto community increased significantly. Investors are watching how Kucoin (KCS) will perform once the entire market is out of the crypto winter.


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