Leading Crypto Lottery Sites for 2023

The Blockchain market is projected to grow from 4.6 Billion USD in 2022 to 65.7 Billion USD by 2027. Investments in this market keep rising and the players are at a constant search for more. Here are the top crypto lottery sites for2023:

  1. MetaLottery.Win– has established quite a name for itself with its own Pool Lotto Token (PLT) which it launched in 2021. The site is 100% decentralized with no fees. It offers a new lottery game every 90 minutes and players can profit both from lottery winnings as well as from the rise in PLT value.

  1. PoolTogether is a crypto-powered savings protocol based on premium bonds. The site also offers high value prizes that are funded through interests on user’s deposits. All deposits are automatically deposits at every draws so there is no need for ticket purchase. This enables earning great crypto prizes while generating interest payments.

  1. LottoLand is among the best Bitcoin lottery sites due to the highest number of jackpots. Jackpots can be played with both fiat and crypto currencies which will entail a difference in lottery prize size. Their crypto-based jackpots the total prize equals the total amount of crypto pooled by players.

  1. BC Games is known for its user-friendly site as well as a high number of casino games. The site enables the use of up to 50 cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens. BC Games has among the longest list of accepted crypto currencies.

  1. PlayHugeLottos has been around for 24 years and has recently opened its site for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The site is mostly known in European countries and has excellent promotional programs.
  2. Lotto247 chooses to focus on selected Bitcoin-based lottery games. This selection includes 15 of the global most notable lottery games on their site. They offer over 20payment possibilities.
  3. Quanta claims to be the first licensed Blockchain-based lottery site and uses Ethereum crypto currency. Their lottery platform 6/49 is a fixed odds game where players choose numbers between 6 to 49.
  4. Crypto Games offers casino games where lottery is one of the games. The site claims to have a low house edge starting at 1%. The site accepts the four major crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and DogeCoin.
  5. Crypto Millions is the only site to give free lottery tickets to punters. Upon your registration, you’ll immediately receive 6 free tickets and has the biggest crypto lottery of $528 Million as of now. The site also has additional casino games.

  6. LottoPark set itself on a mission to give people around the world the opportunity to play the world’s biggest lotteries: SuperEnalotto, Powerball, UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Eurojackpot, and many other. The site accepts both fiat and crypto currency

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