Lessons from the Past: How Meme Coins Can Make or Break You

Meme coins are wildly popular. Despite being blatantly useless, they have a history of minting overnight crypto millionaires. But does the reality live up to the hype?

Meme Coins are Not Gold Mines

That needs rephrasing – Not all meme coins are gold mines.


Meme coins that make crypto millionaires are an oddity. But there are plenty that have sent reckless investors into bankruptcy. You need to tread carefully to get out of the mania with profits.

So what are the key factors to keep in mind while investing in meme coins? Let’s take a look.

  1. Follow the herd: Meme coins are not utility assets with any underlying value. They primarily rely on speculation and hype. There is no point in holding a meme coin in the hope of it doubling 5 years down the line.

A good meme coin with massive social momentum can make you more returns than that in less than five days. For example, Pepe climbed 70X within a few days of its launch.

But you can’t buy Pepe today and expect it to replicate its past performance.

  1. Keep tabs on the news: The meme coin market is highly volatile. You need to have your eyes pinned to the screen to understand the market momentum. Social media sentiments, as ridiculous as they can be, are crucial in determining the course of your meme coin portfolio.
  2. Get out when you can: Get out when the needle has turned to the other side. Yes, there is always a chance it may rebound in a week. But it’s not worth the risk. Most meme coins fade into obscurity after a few days of meteoric surge.
  3. Old is not gold: If you want to take advantage of the meme coin mania, always go for new ones. Established meme coins are… well, established and mature.

Dogecoin 1-year price overview, CoinMarketCap

It is unfair to expect them to further stretch their market caps. Go for promising new ones with creative themes that can send the market into a frenzy.

New Meme Coins that Can Go 3000% to 7000% in Q3

We have hand-picked three new meme coins that are poised for explosive price action this quarter, judging by the uniqueness of their themes, the credibility of the team, and social media momentum.

1. Evil Pepe – The Dark Cousin of Pepe Set to Explode

The Pepe hype is nearly over, having lost 64.52% of its value from the all-time high recorded on 5 May 2023. But the Pepe legacy lives on, as shown by the unprecedented reception of the Evil Pepe presale.

Touted as the ultimate Pepe killer, Evil Pepe has successfully created hype across meme coin communities. Judging by the influx of meme coin investors to the presale and the growing social media momentum, the presale will sell out in the next few days.


The key factor that gives Evil Pepe a competitive edge in the crowded market is its creative marketing campaigns. While we have seen multiple Pepe knock-offs in the past, Evil Pepe is one of the few to draw widespread attention. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the website and social media posts are designed to suit the taste of an average meme coin investor.

Here is how the project introduces the new meme coin:

“We’ve all been there. You’re tracking the latest trending shitcoin and know it’s probably gonna rug. You just lost your previous trade, so you know you should leave it alone. But you ape in anyway…That’s Evil Pepe”.

The memes featured on the website and the Twitter page are equally, unabashedly hilarious:

The project has got its game right when it comes to captivating the meme coin community. Despite piggybacking off the Pepe tag, Evil Pepe is predicted to outperform Pepe’s record of a 7000% surge in August.

Interestingly, 90% of the total supply – 5,994,000,000 tokens – is sold in the presale. Since the project has an unusually low presale target of $1,996,002, it is likely to be sold out within a few days. The token launch will soon follow with 10% of the total token supply set aside as locked liquidity.

Visit Evil Pepe

2. Wall Street Memes –  $30M Presale to End Soon

Another meme coin that has flooded social media platforms and crypto publications in recent times is Wall Street Memes. Rather than going for the usual Doge and Shib tags, Wall Street Memes carves a new niche, underpinned by its $1M+ community of investors and traders.

The important thing to note here is that the Wall Street Memes community has been in existence even before the birth of the meme coin. That makes a remarkable difference in the market which is crowded with fleeting crypto sensations.

It gives the meme coin a solid foundation. The fast-moving presale of WSM coins, already past the $16M milestone, speaks for its industry foothold and credibility.

But there are more factors that make WSM one of the most promising meme coins of this quarter. For example, this is not the first time the Wall Street Memes community is stepping into the crypto market. The first time it did was in 2021, with the Wall St. Bulls NFT collection. It went on to break records by selling out in just 32 minutes.

Industry analysts predict the meme coin to outperform the NFT collection.

Another strong factor that has catered to the WSM hype is Elon Musk. The tech mogul has interacted with the global community’s viral memes multiple times in the past. And as it often happens in the meme coin market, he has fed the meme coin mania involuntarily.


Although WSM is scheduled to go live in Q4, the token launch will be held much earlier. The presale, currently in the second half, has been attracting a lot of media and social media attention. Whale investments in the project have also risen, strengthening the possibility of an instant sell-out.


If the project goes live in the next two to three weeks, it will be rightly positioned to benefit from the broader market upturn. In that case, it can surge 20X-30X in the first week of the launch and anywhere from 70X to 100X toward the end of August.

Visit Wall Street Memes

3. Chimpzee – Meme Coin with a Purpose

Chimpzee is not our typical meme coin that is blatantly useless. It has a global mission ingrained into its makeup. It is a green crypto that aims to boost wildlife conservation initiatives tapping into blockchain innovation and crypto incentivization.

Basically, you can use the Chimpzee ecosystem with CHMPZ coins and Chimpzee NFT passports. It consists of Shop2Earn, Trade2Earn, and Play2Earn platforms. In exchange, you will earn rewards in CHMPZ coins and a share of the profit generated from the ecosystem will be donated to various environmental initiatives.

Both CHMPZ coins and NFT passports can be sold in the open market. CHMPZ coins are still in the presale phase and presale participation gives you whitelist access to the NFT mints.

One of the key advantages of Chimpzee is the scope for mainstream adoption, set in motion by brand and celebrity partnerships. That’s something few meme coins can boast of.

Visit Chimpzee


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