LINK Bulls Eyeing $20 Surge? $GFOX Outpaces the Memecoin Market at $2.7Million & Counting

This week has seen $LINK trading at around the $16 level, representing an 8% surge. This sudden bullish trend is attributed to the increased number of $LINK wallet holders. Meanwhile, $GFOX continues its impressive form. This token has been hailed as the disruptive memecoin that will revolutionize the memecoin/GameFi ecosystems.

$LINK Wallet Holders Increase by 6%, Investors Eye $20

The heightened interest in $LINK over the past few weeks can be linked to its recent rapid uptrend. This token has enjoyed an impressive week, rising to about $16 on Monday, January 15th, from just a little above $15 a day before.

Also, according to a recent analysis by Sentiment, the on-chain data provider, $LINK wallet holders are now almost 6% more than their all-time high. This signifies a potential positive market outlook for the token.

The analysis also revealed a significant drop in the number of circulating $LINK tokens on exchange platforms which has not been seen in almost four years. This drop was put at a staggering 15% lower than the average value.

Although there has been a little drop in the price of $LINK from $16, which it reached on Monday, its price is still expected to rise further to about $20 according to both fundamental and technical analysis, as predicted by several market analysts.

$GFOX Brings New Memecoin Utility As Presale Stage 8 Draws Near

Galaxy Fox, the Play-to-Earn on-chain gaming platform, continues its impressive reform of the meme token space and is closing in on raising $3 million in its presale. Almost 2.5 billion of $GFOX, the native tokens of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, have been sold so far.

Galaxy Fox prides itself on being one of the first cryptocurrency platforms that unites play-to-earn mechanics with meme culture. On Galaxy Fox, players and investors can earn rewards by engaging in gameplay, staking their tokens for passive income, and benefiting from the token-burning mechanism.

The network also features an NFT marketplace where valuable digital collectibles can be acquired and traded for $GFOX or used for in-game features like unlocking powerful attributes, increasing strength, speed and agility. Also, the 3000 unique NFTs that can be minted on the Galaxy Fox website can be traded on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Another exciting feature of Galaxy Fox is its treasury and token burn process. The treasury is a centralized repository of all assets within the platform’s ecosystem. On the other hand, the token burn mechanism is designed to gradually reduce the maximum token supply, which will, in turn, increase the scarcity of $GFOX, thereby increasing the token’s value in the long run.


Investors are eyeing $LINK because of its positive market outlook and potential to reach the $20 mark in the next few months, while $GFOX is already being regarded as the best presale token to invest in, potentially yielding the best returns for investors. $GFOX is currently being considered as one of the best meme coins in the crypto world by several crypto analysts when it eventually launches.

What are you waiting for? Join the Galaxy Fox ecosystem today and enjoy a 15% discount. Visit the website and join the community on telegram for the latest updates.


Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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