Linqto Unveils Bold Rebrand and Expands Platform Capabilities to Democratize Private Equity Investing

[San Francisco, CA]Linqto, the leading global financial technology investment platform, proudly announces its rebrand, showcasing a dynamic transformation that aligns with its unwavering mission to democratize access to Private Equity investments on a global scale. This significant milestone reflects Linqto’s commitment to providing global access to private equity in the world’s leading unicorns, empowering investors to participate in the future of innovation.

A standout feature of the rebrand is Linqto’s enhanced platform, offering an array of expanded capabilities designed to provide investors with a seamless and powerful investment experience. The highlight is the introduction of “True Liquidity,” empowering accredited investors to buy and sell their holdings with ease. Linqto’s market-driven trading of private company units, coupled with real-time settlement, delivers true liquidity to the world of private market investing, including digital assets.

Breaking down barriers to private equity investing, Linqto addresses the historical exclusivity associated with the asset class. In the past, private equity investing was limited to large institutions and ultra-high-net-worth investors. Linqto’s innovative platform shatters these limitations by providing broader accessibility to accredited investors of all sizes. By staying true to its mission, Linqto ensures that investors can now actively participate in the growth potential of private companies and digital assets, even before a liquidity event occurs.

With an impressive track record of success, Linqto celebrates over $239 million invested across a diversified portfolio of nearly 50+ companies. This achievement is a testament to Linqto’s commitment to identifying high-potential investment opportunities and nurturing them for sustainable growth. The Linqto community, comprising over 178,000+ members spanning over 110 countries, forms a vibrant ecosystem of investors who are passionate about engaging with private equity and embracing the opportunities presented by digital assets.

“Linqto is proud to be at the forefront of transforming the investment landscape,” said Elisa Zoli Lai, Chief Marketing Officer at Linqto. “Our rebrand and expanded platform capabilities empower investors around the world to access private equity and digital assets with unparalleled ease and transparency. We believe in fostering a vibrant community where investors can identify, evaluate, and invest in the future of finance and innovation.”

About Linqto:

Linqto is a leading global financial technology investment platform, offering accredited investors a comprehensive ecosystem to identify, evaluate, and invest in private equity, including unicorns and digital assets. With a focus on sectors such as fintech, AI, health tech, sustainable materials, and the emerging world of digital assets, Linqto revolutionizes the way investors engage with private equity. By providing global access to private equity and offering innovative platform features, Linqto empowers investors to be part of the future of finance and innovation.

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