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Locust Game: The ultimate play to earn an NFT game


Over the last few years, a significant number of investors and creatives have spent millions of dollars on NFTs. This is following the awakening craze on the future potential of the NFTs and the unparalleled investment opportunity they hold. Though there are many reasons for the increased attention on NFTs, one of the major reasons has to be the high Return on Investment and the ability for anyone to make money by buying and selling these digital collectibles.

Play-to-earn NFT-inspired games such as Locust Game have also been significant opportunities for gamers throughout the world. They not only get the opportunity to enjoy what they love most but also the chance to make an income from it. Locust, for instance, is an online puzzle game with significant rewards that automatically rate it amongst the top-list of play-to-earn NFT games. It is a well-crafted game gaining a significant market share with over three thousand active members.

A uniquely designed and developed game, Locust Game presents you with an opportunity to gain NFTs from their expansive collection. This blockchain backed game has gone mainstream, establishing its presence as one of the top games amongst its peers. The founders’ primary motivation was to develop a game for gamers who wanted to experience the NFT world while also having fun.

Locust is the first of its kind, and is an authentic play-to-earn NFT game inspired by the Cicada 3301. The developers created various levels of the game spread across the internet and Discord. This creates a unique puzzle with each step possibly leading you to a separate discord/ website server. The developers made it more thrilling because, in order for you to reach the next step, you will have to solve a unique puzzle.

The game has a sequence of uniquely advanced puzzles that will move you to the next level until the genesis is complete. The winners will be verified and announced by the Locust team. A private key will be awarded to unlock the prize money. Designed for gamers, the Locust Game team has set aside a total of $500K in prizes to be won.

The game’s competitive nature also makes it an inviting space for even non-gamers who want to test their gaming skills. Locust Game is powered by blockchain technology which means it’s a decentralized game. This allows players to participate in the game from any geographical location.

In the coming years, the Locust Game team is working tirelessly to continually improve the game’s concept. The objective is to present games with diversity and have something for everyone. Their objective is to have more gamers come on board to enjoy these amazing gaming concepts. Locust Gamers will also help you learn how to participate in buying actively and selling NFTs through the gaming platform.

Play-to-earn games are undoubtedly the future of online games, and Locust has strategically positioned itself for success but also success for gamers.



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