Lottery Token [$LOT] Just Got a Brand-New Website and We Want To Use This as an Opportunity To Introduce LOT to You.


Lottery Token is a decentralized lottery and the first of its kind on the Binance Smart Chain.

It is also known as the perpetuum lottery, as you are in it for life, provided that you bought the 18 LOT, that are needed to be eligible. After doing that you are set and your coins will function as a lifetime ticket to a mechanic that is equally fair as it is genius.

Each transaction has a basic fee of 6%, that means either buy, sell or wallet to wallet transfer.

Of the tax 2% is redistributed among all holders, 2% is burned and the last 2% go into the lottery pool.

If this reaches a quantity of 0.1% of the total supply (A super low supply of 1.15m coins), the contract will automatically distribute the jackpot to one lucky holder. Since these draws depend on the size and number of transactions, this means that several draws are possible in one day.

That means your ticket is not only valid forever, it also becomes more valuable as the total supply decreases and you also collect your fair share of interest.

So you don‘t even have to win the lottery to be a winner.

But if that is not enough for you there will be more and more new lotteries implemented into the ever-evolving ecosystem that gets build around the LOT coin.

Just recently the „Pineapple Express“(No relations) got introduced. For the price of 2.5 LOT you can buy a ticket, that will help fill up another pot that gets drawn every Sunday, live on Twitch.

Contrary to your lifetime ticket, you can buy multiple tickets and raise your chances of winning this way. You can participate via a button on the website also, just login to your wallet and buy as many tickets as your LOT stash allows.

Once more people discover this token, the livestream will become a brand building event . The last „Pineapple Express “lottery pot was about 4200$ and this is just the beginning.

It should be a no brainer to get the 18 LOT lifetime ticket, this will soon sink into old-coiners, mid-coiners and new-coiners.

The sheer potential the tokenomics convey will make this a sure-fire contestant in an industry that is worth billions, with mass adoption creeping on us from all sides, there is a longing for a global lottery, that LOT can fill.

The coin is back to consolidating in the 3$-4$ price range, after a breakout to an all-time high of 8.5$. An ever-increasing scarcity of an already small total supply plus a low market cap of around 4.5 million is a promise to future growth.

But that is not all, the power of BSC‘s low gas fees and fast network gives the coin an edge on competitors from other chains, which get crippled by horrendous transaction fees and scalability issues. This makes this a fair game for everyone, big and small investors, first or third world, everyone gets the chance to partake.

The randomization provided by the audited contract has proven its efficiency in high traffic.

But cryptography has problems with randomization you might say, and it normally does. The code that got built into the contract is a clever work around and solution, join lottery tokens social media channels on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter to find out more.

The people behind the project have proven their worth to the community, time and time again. With diligence and ambition, they push the boundaries of the field to just find the right mixture to make this thing show the parabolic movements and strong support levels investors are after. A strong road map shows promise to bring traffic to the token, so more and more draws happen daily.

The center of the ecosystem gets build around the newly revamped website, which will simplify and optimize ways to interact with the coin and the many lotteries and mini games that will follow.

These are the key informations of LOT, do your own reasearch and check it out. You can also join their TG group, the devs are very responsive and welcome discussions of any kind., a crucial element, that gives reassurance to the community.

Furthermore the coin is now listed on CMC and CoinGecko, the Liquidity is locked and exchange listings are imminent. Now is the best time to invest, before the market wakes up to this sleeper.



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