Love Hate Inu Presale Continues to Blaze With Just 24 Hours Until Stage 2

The Love Hate Inu presale continues to heat up after raising over $800,000 in a few short days. The presale is currently in the first stage, but with 24 hours to go, this might be your last chance to get invested at the lowest prices possible.

Love Hate Inu is a memecoin that can provide utility to its holders through its groundbreaking immutable voting system that allows people to express their opinions on hot topics and get rewarded. As a result, the project is introducing an entirely new GameFi concept to the crypto space known as Vote-to-Earn.

Love Hate Inu Explodes Past $800,000 In Stage 1


The first stage of the Love Hate Inu has been absolutely explosive after raising over $800,000 in just over one week of being active. Investors are quickly rushing to the presale as they believe the memecoin has the potential to explode once the presale is over and the $LHINU token finally hits tier-1 exchanges across the industry.

The first stage of the presale is selling the $LHINU token, the native token that will fuel the Love Hate Inu voting system, for a price of $0.000085. However, the presale is using an increasing pricing mechanism, so once the countdown hits zero, the presale will head into stage two and the price will increase to $0.000145. Therefore, investing in the earlier stages provides an opportunity to get in at the lowest prices possible.

Love Hate Inu: A Memecoin Introducing Vote-to-Earn

Love Hate Inu is a memecoin that seeks to totally revolutionize the online survey sector, which hit $3.2 billion in 2023 and has a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6%. On the Love Hate Inu platform, participants are able to vote on issues, mint new memes, and are rewarded with $LHINU tokens for their contributions.

The project has created the first blockchain-powered voting system that can record immutable results from people across the globe. With social media being full of trolls, paid actors, shills, and AI chatbots today, it’s practically impossible to know what opinions are real and honest anymore. Regardless of the social media platform used, public opinion seems to have been engineered for most topics, leaving those searching for the truth with nowhere to go.

This is the dynamic that Love Hate Inu is seeking to change. They want to create a platform that allows people to engage in critical issues and promote healthy conversations around red-hot topics while simultaneously rewarding participants for their contributions and opinions. As a result, its Love Hate Inu voting system is a place where people can come together and vote on the issues that matter the most. It’s a place where people can hear their voices and be a part of a community that cares about their thoughts.

Requirement: Stake-to-Vote

The vote-to-earn mechanism rewards all participants with native $LHINU tokens for using the platform. To start voting, users must first stake their tokens into the platform to qualify. This is a method to help prevent spam and manipulation attacks on the voting outcome, ensuring that the results from the voting are as accurate as possible. In addition, the team has implemented a real-time staking mechanism that utilizes the 30-day average balance of users to help further prevent spam and manipulation in voting.

The act of staking grants stakers voting power in the system. The more tokens staked and the longer the staking period, the more voting power is accumulated for the user. As a result, this ensures that only those genuinely invested in the platform somehow have a say in the outcome of the voting.

Once a user has staked, they can participate in the latest votes to earn tokens. Initially, the team is expected to create the first series of votes. Still, the project intends to be completely community run with platform members, eventually creating all future polls.

Last 24 Hours Remaining for Stage 1: Get in Earlier at Lower Prices

Having only launched on March 8th, the presale for Love Hate Inu continues to soar after raising over $800,000 so far. There are now just under 24 hours to go until stage one is concluded, and the price for the $LHINU token increases to $0.00009 for stage 2. Therefore, it makes more sense to get in as soon as possible because the price of the native token is expected to continue increasing upon each subsequent stage.

The presale for the $LHINU token is slightly different than most presale projects today. Instead of reserving most tokens for the platform development and team, Love Hate Inu is adamant that the community should control most of the token supply. Therefore, 90% of the $LHINU token supply will be sold during the presale, ensuring that the project has a strong foundation and that the community stays in charge. The other 10% of the supply will be reserved for platform requirements like liquidity, listing fees, and community rewards.

Overall, Love Hate Inu presents the perfect opportunity to invest in an exciting memecoin project that can provide value to users – an exclusive feature that has been elusive in the memecoin sector for quite some time.

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