Low Caps Like Uniglo (GLO) And Convex Finance (CVX) Likely To Make New Millionaires Alongside Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the undisputed heavyweight of the crypto world with the highest market cap of any cryptocurrency. However, BTC is not the only millionaire-maker on the market. In fact, while the media constantly talks about Bitcoin’s volatility, it’s actually far less volatile than most altcoins. While they come with a higher risk than Bitcoin, low-cap altcoins also tend to turn around earlier and produce higher returns in a bull market.

Here are two low-cap altcoins that you might want to consider looking into while the market is still moving sideways and before they rocket to the moon.

Convex (CVX) — earn DEX fees

Convex token (CVX) is a DeFi utility token. Holders automatically receive a share of the Curve (CRV) platform’s transaction fees without staking liquidity there. (Curve is the largest DeFi protocol.) While CRV has a TVL of $6 billion, CVX is close by with $4.4 billion total value locked. Pretty impressive.

CVX has lost more than 80% of its value in this bear market. However, currently hovering around $7.00, CVX could easily provide 50% to 200% gains this year and early into next as the market begins to turn. In fact, CVX has more than doubled in price since mid-June.

Uniglo (GLO) — the token for long-term crypto investors

Uniglo is another DeFi token of sorts. But it’s a far different animal than most tokens that you’ll find running around on DeFi platforms. GLO is designed specifically to be a long-term store of value. It’s backed by a treasury of digital assets including cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets such as gold, and also NFTs and.

Most importantly for new investors who are looking to go long in the crypto space, GLO makes long-term investing about as simple as it can be. All you have to do is buy and hold your GLO to have exposure to an ever-growing basket of assets in the crypto space.

Think of GLO like investing in an exchange traded fund (ETF) that represents a basket of stocks, except that the treasury is invested in crypto and digital assets instead of stocks.

Aside from price appreciation on the assets in the treasury, GLO holders also earn passive income indirectly through frequent token burns. First, a 1% royalty on all purchases and sales of GLO is raked into the treasury, thus reducing the circulating supply. (This also means that the treasury’s list of assets is constantly growing no matter which way the market is headed.)

Next, assets in the treasury are occasionally sold at a profit. The profits are used to buy GLO off exchanges which are also burned thus reducing the supply further while also raising the price of the token.

So who decides how Uniglo invests the treasury? You do. You and all the other GLO holders. Uniglo is a DAO. All investment decisions are made as a community.

Uniglo doesn’t officially launch until mid-October. While you won’t find GLO on exchanges just yet, you can get in on the private presale at a discounted price. If Uniglo’s simplicity propels it to mass adoption, even a small piece of the presale could bring life-changing wealth.

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Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register
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