Lunyr Partners with Airbitz to Increase Adoption of the Lunyr Platform

Lunyr, a decentralized knowledge base built on Ethereum, has partnered with Airbitz to increase adoption and usability of the Lunyr platform.

“This partnership represents a major step forward for Lunyr’s vision of creating a next generation world knowledge base that is accessible to a mainstream audience,” explained Lunyr Project Lead Arnold Pham.

The user experience of managing private keys in Ethereum makes it difficult for a mainstream audience to adopt the platform. To solve this problem, Lunyr has teamed up with Airbitz, which has been working on a decentralized, secure, peer-to-peer synchronized, cryptographic key management system since 2014. With Airbitz, Lunyr users will have the ability to login and manage their accounts through a traditional username and password experience while maintaining a high level of cryptographic security. Users remain in full control of their private keys. With this partnership, Lunyr strives to become more easily adopted by a mainstream audience.

Airbitz CEO Paul Puey expressed his excitement for the Lunyr platform:

“This is a very exciting project for us at Airbitz. Lunyr has an exceptional team and they have a vision that is both highly useful and ideologically exciting for those of us in the blockchain space. Knowledge and information is power. We think everyone in the world should be able to easily access and contribute to reliable, accurate information while at the same time being able to secure their own personal information and value while doing it. The partnership between Lunyr and Airbitz is an example of where technology is heading. Decentralized, open, secure, and liberating.”

Lunyr has raised over $675,000 in crowdfunding to date. The crowdfunding is currently in progress and ends on April 26, 2017. Lunyr tokens are a flat price so later buyers can join anytime for the same price as early buyers.

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