MAGOS – Oracle based on Artificial Intelligence

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MAGOS is a complex AI forecasting model, based on a collaborative system of neural networks. It serves as a core for a fund that operates on Ethereum blockchain. By using the latest developments in AI and neutral networks, MAGOS is able to forecast the outcome of an event with a high degree of accuracy. The model was open tested earlier this year, and showed a significant forecasting edge that anyone can verify. This edge is used by the fund to generate profits from multiple platforms, including prediction markets. Share of profits is distributed between the holders of MAG tokens, available through a crowdsale opening on August 16th.

Today, a lot of Blockchain projects are aiming to build a decentralized prediction market – platform, where individuals can bet on the outcome of future events. It will offer an opportunity for forecasters to monetize their knowledge and ability. Those who can accurately predict the outcome will turn a profit in the long run, and the best forecasters will be the ones making the most money.

It is only a matter of time before prediction markets become a disruptive economic innovation, offering this monetization opportunity to mass audience. However, for an individual to fully realize this opportunity in today’s Era of technology, it is more than necessary to have access to an accurate forecasting model.

The purpose of MAGOS project is to build the ultimate forecasting tool, by using the advancements in AI and machine learning, and connect it to a wide variety of platforms: from prediction markets, to exchanges and sportsbooks.

“If you would look at the current state of forecasting though a prism of AI and its latest developments – the forecasting methodology would appear extremely dated. And for a good reason – It is still largely dependent on simplistic predicative models, outdated forecasting algorithms, and human expertise. Our team of talented data scientists aims to significantly change the landscape of forecasting with MAGOS, and our goal is to allow anyone to share the success of AI in the forecasting domain. The project is far from being just an idea, we have a functioning model that has been operating since 2015, and was extensively tested multiple times. We encourage everyone to look into the results of MAGOS performance, see what the model is capable of, and join us in the upcoming crowdsale on August 16th.”

– Ante Magnusson, CEO, MAGOS AI

“MAGOS is based on a system of neural networks. Each network performs a specific task, but they work together in collaboration. The backbone of MAGOS is its modular architecture. It allows us to develop and implement individual forecasting modules, targeting different kinds of forecasting domains, from business and finance to sports and politics.”

– Andreas Theiss, Data scientist and CTO, MAGOS AI

The MAGOS crowdsale opens August 16th and MAG tokens are strictly limited in supply. Earliest contributors receive a discount on their MAG tokens. Token holders have access to a share of profits the fund generates, proportional to the number of tokens they hold. In addition, the tokens grant special voting rights, allowing the holders to influence project’s development and fund parameters. ERC20 standard MAG token will also be tradeable on exchanges.

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