Major Crypto Trader Projects 400% Increase for Bitcoin, Everlodge and Solana Bullish Momentum Continues

Henrik Zeberg, a major crypto trader, projects that Bitcoin (BTC) could climb in value by 400%. The optimism is driven by a bull flag pattern in the market following the massive drop in early 2023.

However, Solana (SOL) also saw a price upswing, leaving a lot of traders curious about its future price trajectory. Everlodge (ELDG) will soon end Stage 6 of its presale and, afterward, experience a price upswing. Analysts are also bullish on its future, as it will enable simple access to the real estate space.


  • Bitcoin to grow 400% according to major crypto analyst
  • Solana is to reach 29.22 by the end of 2023.
  • Everlodge to surge 3,700% at launch

Bitcoin (BTC) to Surge in Value by 400% Based on Major Crypto Analyst

Henrik Zeberg is a crypto trader with over 119,000 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, and recently shared his projection on the future value of Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the analyst, the Bitcoin crypto could soon see a major price upswing, with a remarkable 400% increase. This could catapult the market’s total worth to $4.4 trillion as well. This newfound confidence is based on a thorough examination of the overall crypto market that underwent a noteworthy transformation.

During the past week, the Bitcoin price traded between $34,163.16 and $35,752.94. There is a lot of hype surrounding the crypto, especially after news that a Bitcoin ETF could be approved by the end of november, based on a prediction by Valkyrie CIO.

The Bitcoin market cap is at $688,317,758,212 currently. According to the on-chart data, however, by the end of 2023, the Bitcoin price prediction puts it at $37,299.27.

Solana (SOL) to See a Price Upswing to 29.22 by the End of 2023

Solana (SOL) also recently saw an upswing in its value. Specifically, the crypto moved between $34.83 and $45.05 during the past week. The overall climb for the Solana crypto in the last 30 days was by 71.5%.

Moreover, the Solana market cap is at $16,897,518,137. In addition, the Solana cryptocurrency decreased in trading volume, signifying that investors are waiting for an upward momentum and are holding onto it. According to the Solana price prediction, it can surge to 29.22 by the end of 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Increase by 3,700% at Launch

Everlodge is a real estate platform that will enable anyone the opportunity to jump into the industry at a low cost. In other words, instead of spending millions, anyone can diversify their holdings with as little as $100.

There is a vast ecosystem consisting of a Marketplace, Launchpad, and Rewards Club. The platform first mints properties as NFTs and then fractionalizes them. Users can buy individual fractions at a low cost.


The marketplace enables them to co-own luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels and generate a passive income. Moreover, the Launchpad lets property builders raise capital from the community.

Users will benefit from getting the maximum ROI. The Rewards Club offers users free nightly stays as well. During Stage 6, ELDG, the native crypto trades at $0.023. At launch, it can surge by 3,700%.

For more information about the Everlodge (ELDG) presale, you can visit their website here.



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