Making lightwallet libraries open-sourced to the market. Guarda wallet fills in the market gap


A new wallet was introduced by the team of Guarda. It provides a secure way to store ether assets and keep the funds safe. The team announced the support of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and mainly focused on developing the wallet security: the user’s private key is kept secure and stored in the Android data storage while not transmitted away from the wallet itself.

With the crypto-wallet market growing rapidly, it has gotten to the point when it gets tricky to pick a wallet to store your funds with, and be sure that your assets are safe and not the subject to unpredicted frauds.

With Guarda, any user will be able to transfer their funds to the lightwallet from any other app and to access their assets. Guarda has not only delivered the secure wallet to the market, the developers also embedded an exchanger into an existing wallet. Thus, any type of currency can be converted into ETH or ETC inside the app with no strings attached.

Guarda will support two ways of transactions mode: the payment will be implemented through either GAS mode embedded in Ethereum blockchain or a flat fee.
The Guarda wallet operates with a set of secure blockchain nodes to guarantee the stability of the system performance. The minor app features also add up to the safety, such as the option to set up a password within the app.

Another focus point of the Guarda team is to make the transactions easy and convenient. The transactions are made using different blockchain addresses, including IBAN, and there is a possibility to generate the QR-code automatically or type in the wallet address manually.
The wallet will support several languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.

“Our main goal is to bring the missing lightwallet libraries to the top-20 cap cryptocurrencies and make them eventually open-sourced with the support of hardware wallets (such as Ledger, Trezor etc.) Guarda team is responsive to the community needs and ready to meet them. The team’s goal is to raise 1 million MAU by the 3rd quarter of 2018”, — Ondrej Horachek, Product Manager at Guarda.

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