Market Experts Predict These Coins Could Surge in 2024 – Solana, Ondo, Rollblock

The crypto market is buzzing with excitement despite many top altcoins trading in the red. Market experts have encouraged the crypto community to remain calm as there will be a massive rally after this price dump. In this article, we will look at their predictions for three coins – Solana, Ondo, and Rollblock.

Solana (SOL): Analysts Predict a Price Rally To $240

Solana (SOL), the Ethereum killer, remains one of the top altcoins that analysts are optimistic about this year despite its bearish movement. The cryptocurrency is currently trading around the $130 price region after falling below the $200 level in April. CryptoBullet1 is one analyst who remains quite optimistic about Solana.

They have placed a target of $240 for the altcoin in the near future and $480 by the end of this year. At the same time, the information about a Solana ETF can be one of the reasons for a market rally. This will take the price of Solana to new heights if a SOL ETF is launched.

Ondo (ONDO) Could Peak As High As $2. 20

Ondo (ONDO) is another token that may rally in the next few months. At present, it is showing mixed sentiments across different timeframes. Ondo is bullish on the monthly price chart but bearish on the weekly price chart.

Top market experts like CryptoJelleNL are bullish about the altcoin and how it is holding up despite the crypto market crash. Cryptochimpanz predicts the value of Ondo will rise to $2.20 in the coming weeks. Another factor that makes Ondo a top crypto to buy is that its parent firm, Ondo Finance, operates in the real-world assets (RWA) sector, which is worth billions of dollars.

Rollblock (RBLK) Massive Price Surge Attracts Traders

Rollblock (RBLK) is quickly becoming a top crypto to buy because of its successful presale. It has sold out two stages and is now in the third stage priced at $0.014. Analysts say this value will increase by 1,000% before the year runs out. Two major factors that can make this happen are its low market cap and the upcoming bull run that will sweep across the entire market.

Also, Rollblock is linked to the online gaming industry, which is predicted to hit $744 billion by 2028. Rollblock intends to use gambling to onboard tens of thousands of new users. As such, Rollblock is able to pull in professional and novice gamblers by paying attention to their privacy and security as well as ensuring fairness on its casino platform.

Rollblock is fully licensed and simple to sign up for, unlike many other gambling platforms. Players can begin betting and win actual money with no need for a rigorous knowing your customer (KYC) check. Also, the project spends 30% of the weekly profits on repurchasing RBLK tokens from the market, from which it will reward holders of RBLK for staking.

The other half is burned, decreasing the supply of RBLK tokens. On the same note, Rollblock aims to achieve new goals in the next few weeks. Currently, the project has raised more than $750k during the presale and has more than 3,000 users. Based on its growth rate, Rollblock will raise $1 million and onboard over 5k users before July.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cryptocurrency To Buy This Year

Market experts are bullish about the future price trajectory of Solana, Ondo, and Rollblock this year. They are not disturbed by the current nature of the market and look forward to a massive rally in the next few months. While SOL and ONDO will see major gains, RBLK’s potential 10x rally makes it the best cryptocurrency to buy for massive returns this year.

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