Massive Boost for the impactChoice EARTH Token Project

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TCG Projects throw their weight behind the impactChoice EARTH Token Project by taking up 5 Million USD in EARTH Tokens

14, March 2018, Isle of Man – impactChoice, the company behind EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) and TCG Projects announced today that they have concluded negotiations for the purchase of 5 Million USD worth of EARTH Tokens.

The deal, which further solidifies the long-standing partnership between impactChoice and TCG Projects, demonstrates TCG Projects’ commitment and confidence in EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange (NAE). EARTH Token and the NAE will become the de facto trading platform and settlement mechanism for all natural assets associated with TCG Solar/PV and Waste-to-Energy projects in the medium term.

“In addition to being a perfect platform to pass the benefits of our Renewable Energy projects on to our customers, EARTH Token and the impactChoice NAE creates an enormous opportunity for us to embrace emerging megatrends in the Energy Sector, such as democratization, decentralization, and digitization of the energy grid.” Says Gary Williams – Managing Director, TCG Projects.

All demand-side fulfillment (the purchase of Renewable Energy and Carbon Credits) will take place via the Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) blockchain platform, using EARTH as the settlement mechanism, while on the supply side of the equation, impactChoice will work with TCG to register renewable energy, products such as Synthetic Gas (Syngas) produced via waste-to-energy projects and carbon credits associated with the gasification process, as asset-classes on the NAE. In addition, the impactChoice NAE and EARTH Token solution also ensures that energy produced via the waste-to-energy plants is carbon neutral.

“The Natural Asset transaction volumes associated with Solar and Waste-to-Energy projects is absolutely enormous, growing the market potential and demand for the NAE and EARTH Token substantially. This is really a huge deal for us and an extreme vote of confidence in what we are doing. We’re excited to be working with TCG on all the projects they have in the pipeline and look having those live on our system in the very near future.”Allan Saunders, Managing Director, impactChoice Isle of Man.

ImpactChoice launched its EARTH Token sale on 17th November 2017, with the sale ending on 15th March 2018. The goal of the EARTH Token project is to combine the strengths of blockchain and cryptocurrency with years of experience in creating environmental sustainability solutions to establish a global Natural Asset Marketplace (Natural Asset Exchange) that removes current barriers to participation in activities that preserve our environment, while also providing all stakeholders with tangible assets that appreciate in value as the market matures and grows.

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About impactChoice

ImpactChoice is a leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. The impactChoice Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) blockchain platform and EARTH Token (EARTH) creates a unique opportunity to invigorate the Natural Asset Market and enable all stakeholders in the value chain to participate. The NAE is set to be instrumental in transforming Environmental Sustainability initiatives from a financial burden to a business incentive by finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows – allowing the market to grow organically and achieve its massive potential.

About TCG

TCG Global designs, builds, sells, owns and operates gasification plants capable of converting any carbon-containing feedstock into Syngas. TCG embarked on developing a number of clean-energy projects globally, based on its patented gasification technology. The initiatives in Africa are driven by TCG Projects, who has identified a number of viable sites and who has engaged multiple South African mining companies in assessing various clean-energy projects.


Allan Saunders

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