Meet Rare: Redefining Art Ownership through DeFi and Tokenized Real World Assets (RWA)

Rare is thrilled to announce its innovative tokenized art and design studio, setting a new benchmark in ArtFi (Art Finance) by integrating real-world assets (RWA), decentralized finance (DeFi), and revolutionary tokenomics. Rare is not just reshaping art ownership but also establishing a dynamic ecosystem where everyone can participate and share in the success of a forward-thinking venture. This model is designed to thrive both in the physical and digital realms.

Rare’s Prestigious Partnerships and Exceptional Growth

Backed by an elite network of partners and influential figures, Rare boasts a prestigious circle that includes Conor McGregor, highlighting the quality and allure of Rare’s offerings. High-profile collaborations, such as with Formula E, redefine the art business’s presentation and scalability. This elite backing underscores the platform’s potential, heralding a new era where every participant can share in the innovative investment model’s monumental success.

Rare’s dedication to excellence is also evident in its sponsorship of a US pro boxer with a 6-0 record, aiming for the Olympic Games. She proudly wears the R4RE branding during her matches, bringing Rare’s brand to a broad audience. Collaborations with top-tier fashion designers add unparalleled quality to Rare’s branding, rivaling leading Web 2.0 VC-backed startups.

Stay tuned as Rare unveils more world-class partnerships to elevate its ecosystem to unprecedented heights.

Tokenomics and Revenue Sharing

Rare’s unique tokenomics ensure that owning R4RE tokens equates to owning an equivalent share of a real-world business’s profit. This model offers participation-based rewards for those staking at least 300K tokens. Launched two months ago, the token has seen remarkable initial success and is now consolidating, ready to ride the next wave of Real-World Assets (RWA). Rare plans to leverage its high-profile partners and clients during the bull market to drive significant volume into its token, benefiting all token holders.

RWA NFT Concepts: Bridging Art Ownership and E-Commerce

Rare is pioneering RWA NFT concepts that serve as certificates of ownership for real art, addressing a critical gap in the $70 billion global art market. Unlike typical PFP JPGs, Rare’s NFTs provide real solutions to real-world problems, making art ownership and trade more secure and accessible.

Rare’s offerings blend physical and digital experiences through secure and advanced smart contract technology. The company is also developing VR and AR digital galleries, setting new standards in art presentation and immersive experiences.

Exclusive Benefits for Token Holders

R4RE token stakers enjoy numerous benefits, including participation-based rewards, DeFi revenue sharing, exclusive discounts, and access to unique phygital works. Rare’s community-centric approach ensures that every stakeholder benefits from collective success.

Leveraging the Ethereum (ETH) ETF Approval

With the approval of the Ethereum ETF, Rare is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. Rare’s innovative tokenomics and real-world asset-backed NFTs offer a secure and transparent investment opportunity, appealing to the new wave of institutional investors attracted by the Ethereum ETF.

Versatility and Business Model

Rare’s versatile business model allows adaptation to various niches, broadening its appeal. Clients are encouraged to use R4RE tokens with a 20% discount (15% after swap tax) on products and services. This financial incentive simplifies transactions and benefits small stakeholders through the share of taxes generated by transaction volume. This model is set to become a blueprint for many companies.

Rare’s business model leverages high-profile associations to gain exposure and demonstrate the adaptability of its custom design business. Increased transaction volume drives more rewards for stakers, creating a sustainable and scalable ecosystem that benefits all participants.

About Rare

Rare is a pioneering tokenized art and design studio, merging the realms of art, design, technology, and finance to create a unique ArtFi ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain technology, Rare redefines the creation, distribution, and ownership of art, offering enthusiasts and investors a vibrant community built on shared success and creative freedom.

Learn more about Rare’s innovative projects and tokenomics on the official websites: Our Collection, Token Chart, About RARE Tokens.


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