Meme Coin Mania Driving Up Ethereum Network Fees: TOADS, PEPE, SHIB and Others Benefit From Hype

Nobody likes higher gas fees but what if the reason for high fees is actually a good thing? ETH’s transaction costs have recently hit unprecedented levels, but this is bullish news for the ERC20 token world and arguably the wider altcoin market in general. That’s because this fee surge is down to one thing: growth. Increased demand for popular new meme coin stars like DigiToads (TOADS) and PEPE has caused this fee hike, and that can only be seen as a good thing for the industry. After all, many investors thought memecoin hype rockets were a thing of the past after DOGE and SHIB slumped back from their gains of the last altcoin season in 2021. They aren’t a thing of the past: especially with tokens like PEPE and TOADS. Here’s why:

DigiToads (TOADS) – New Meme Coin With Huge Potential

The DigiToads ecosystem continues to set a new standard for what a memecoin can really achieve. That’s because it doesn’t rely on just hype to offer investors profits. It’s already surging during presale, surpassing $3million in sales in just a few short weeks. These gains look set to continue as more investors jump into the TOADS world, with an experience that’s both fun and rewarding thanks to the unique swamp arena and your chance to compete with your very own digital TOADS companions for rewards every single season.

TOADS isn’t just great for your portfolio: it’s great for the environment, too. Unlike many other crypto projects, it pledges to help replant rainforests and donate to more charitable causes to help keep the crypto world both green and sustainable for years to come. So if you want to be part of a project that puts its community first while offering strong potential profits, join the TOADS presale as soon as you can.

Thanks to a small sales tax on transactions, the DigiToads platform has a strong financial backing and will always have the funds to provide consistent rewards. These rewards aren’t limited to TOADS swamp arena payouts, as DigiToads also allows users to stake popular NFTs and lock them in for long periods of time in return for long-term passive income gains that will provide a residual income well into the future. So if you want multiple ways to earn, check out TOADS as soon as you can.

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Pepe (PEPE) – New Player With Huge Hype

Some say that PEPE only offers memecoin marketability without any real fundamentals. But PEPE’s recent 21,000% surge has reminded the industry that fundamentals aren’t needed for price growth if the market catches on to an idea it likes. That’s why PEPE could continue to make a name for itself as a good option in the memecoin world. It might soon be listed alongside DOGE and SHIB as the biggest memecoins ever. But other tokens, like DigiToads, offer the same hype potential alongside an ecosystem that will still be fun and will still make your money, even if it doesn’t become a viral sensation. And if it does, the sky really could be the limit for TOADS.

Ethereum (ETH) The Backbone For Altcoins

Ethereum remains the backbone for much of the altcoin world as a hub for ERC20 developments as part of its blockchain. It’s already home to countless projects, including trending NFTs, DAOs, decentralized exchanges, and more. While ETH’s price has struggled recently, especially thanks to increased gas fees, Ethereum is here to stay. But there might be better options out there if you want gains in the next few months, including credible crypto choices like TOADS and PEPE.


ETH’s gas fees might be a problem, especially as they were supposed to be fixed last year with the merge to ETH 2.0, but they also show a new surge of demand in the alt coin world for projects which could be part of the next generation of crypto growth. Both PEPE and TOADS  are perfectly placed to lead this growth, and we think DigiToads leads the way as the best new investment opportunity to enter the crypto space for some time. That’s why we strongly recommend adding it to your portfolio as soon as you can.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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