Meme Coin Sector Reaches $6.13 Billion Trading Volume Today Led By SHIB, BEFE, PEPE and DOGE

Meme coins show their potential yet again as they collectively hit a $6.13 billion trading volume today. The feat aligns with the exploding crypto market – the leading asset, BTC, touched the $64,000 mark, inching closer to its all-time high, with the bull market only beginning. With the rest of the altcoins rallying alongside BTC, meme coins like SHIB, BEFE, PEPE, and DOGE led their category with impressive performances.


SHIB saw price spikes that recently took it to some of its highest valuations. Being one of the biggest meme coins gives it that privilege, as enthusiasts are accustomed to taking their funds to SHIB first.

Moreover, a solid community that constantly interacts with it by trading and holding it sets SHIB up to witness exponential gains during market conditions. Investors must remain bullish about it – SHIB’s recent performance suggests that it is only getting started and can observe increased gains as the days go by.


A newcomer to the meme coin segment, BEFE sets high expectations for investors early in its journey, making it impossible to ignore despite its newness. It is the most unique of its counterparts due to its presentation, moving away from the commonly used dog- and frog-themed coins, including SHIB, PEPE, and DOGE. Its refreshing look, alongside a utility-laden ecosystem, registers it as a formidable meme coin to break out to the top this year.

Priced at just $0.0004, its virality, utility, and tradeability make it ready to witness price spikes reminiscent of those experienced by SHIB and DOGE in their peaks and by PEPE in the previous bear market. The new entrant is expected to deliver 20x returns in March, considering the momentum its price growth has gained over the past few weeks.


PEPE took the crypto market by storm. The sole winner from 2023’s stagnant market conditions, PEPE proved itself to be a meme coin to stay. By beating market conditions that caused even the biggest crypto assets to freeze, PEPE is looking to beat them again with the market in its favor.

PEPE grew thanks to the spirit of the meme coin segment – uncontained hype taking crypto asset valuations to unimaginable highs. Investors choosing PEPE can tap into that magic again and make this year a most rewarding one.


The biggest meme coin for last, DOGE, has already proved everything an asset from this segment must. DOGE also holds the distinction of being the first of its kind. It has risen to the top of this segment and stayed there for a long time. It nets consistent returns to traders and holders. And, finally, it holds the most extensive community dedicated towards any meme coin under its belt, beating even SHIB.

Thus, it will always remain relevant and generate gains for those interacting with it. Bullish trends like what we see now require meme coin investors to snap up more of this asset through this year’s surging market. Otherwise, they may not see profits as high as what others acquiring it will.


Meme coins are taking the throne as the crypto market rallies. Investing in the right ones can allow users to multiply their values as they have never just in the next thirty days. Holding on to them through the bull run will only amplify the gains as the meme coin trading volume increases daily.

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