Meta Masters Guild On Track to Become Web3’s Largest Gaming Guild: Exchange Listings, Staking, and Token Burn

The Meta Masters Guild is on track to become Web3’s largest gaming guild and the fastest-growing play-to-earn guild of 2023. Following its successful presale, which raised over $4.97 million, MeMag is now ready to launch on more exchanges, promote its staking function, and release its token-burning mechanism.

In addition, the project launched its NFT store and could possibly be the next Gala Games if things stay at the same pace. To find out more, keep reading.

Meta Masters Guild Building the Internet’s Gaming Guild

Meta Masters Guild is set to become the largest mobile gaming guild in Web3. The platform conducted a successful presale to create fun and addictive games that incorporate playable NFTs, allowing players to earn rewards, stake, and trade.

The great thing about the ecosystem is that all of the games inside Meta Masters Guild use the MEMAG token alongside incorporating in-game rewards called GEMS that can be converted back into MEMAG tokens.

Instead of becoming just another gaming guild, the project is on a mission to become the future of Web3 gaming by building high-quality, blockchain-based mobile games to create a fully-fledged decentralized gaming ecosystem that allows all members to earn sustainable rewards in exchange for their contributions to the ecosystem.

More Exchange Listings on the Way

Following its presale, the MEMAG token was officially listed on the most prominent decentralized exchange in the sector – Uniswap. In addition, it also featured various listings on tier-1 centralized exchanges across the industry, including BitMart, HitBTC, and Overall, the listings provide a wide range of exchanges for traders to trade with deep order books filled with liquidity.

However, Meta Masters Guild continues to get the native token listed on additional exchanges. By March 30, 2023, Meta Masters Guild will also launch on Changelly and Changelly Pro. These exchanges will provide additional avenues for buyers to purchase MEMAG through the on-ramp fiat payment system, allowing investors to buy using their bank cards in over 40 local fiat currencies.

Staking and Token Burn Mechanisms In Place

In addition to the new exchange listings, Meta Masters Guild also released its staking service on March 15, allowing investors to lock their MEMAG tokens into the system to earn additional tokens. Currently, three different staking pools offer a range of returns for stakers.

The first pool requires a 7-day lockup and offers an immense 75% APY. This pool will only be available until the end of April, designed to serve as an initial offer to encourage users to stake in the pools.

The other two pools require a 30-day and 90-day lockup and provide 7.5% APY and 15% APY, respectively.

Furthermore, the team intends to launch its Token Burn mechanism in April 2023. This mechanism is designed to give back to the community and reduce the supply of MEMAG, making the token more valuable. In total, the team will be burning 150 million MEMAG tokens. Every two weeks, 50 million tokens will be burnt until the allotment is removed from circulation.

Game Development On Track

The excellent news for Meta Masters Guild is that the fully playable lite version of the game is currently in development. The first set of games features three titles; Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World.

Meta Kart Racers is a PVP racing game built for mobile devices, being built by Gamearound – a UK-based Web3 developer. The game is scheduled to be developed over five monthly sprints, with the current stage being in Stage 2. The team expects the lite version of the game to be playable by June or July 2023. In the game, players compete with one another in the Meta Kart Championship while simultaneously escaping the evil overlord. In addition, players earn GEMS for their performance on the track, with skill-based rewards.

Raid NFT is a turn-based fantasy fighting game where players battle in hostile environments. They earn GEMS and in-game NFTs by completing challenges and progressing through the game. The final game is Meta Masters World, which is a metaverse for all members of the guild. In this open-world exploration game, players can do as they please as they explore the expansive virtual world to collect resources and enter competitions.

Overall, these three games provide something for every style of gamer to enjoy and earn rewards.

Check Out the Meta Masters Guild Platform

Meta Masters Guild is well on the way to becoming the initial vision of a complete play-to-earn ecosystem that it set out to achieve. Investors in the project are eagerly becoming excited as they believe that the growth of the MEMAG token will surge once the first set of games are released on the platform. As a result, a handful of investors are already beginning to stock up on the MEMAG token before the next bull run begins.

In the meantime, take a look at the MEMAG staking service, as you can earn additional funds from your staked assets.


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