Metacade CEO Focuses on Community Building as MetaStudio Partnership Rolls Out

MCADE is widely regarded as one of the best crypto investment opportunities of the year after its sell-out crypto presale, and since Metacade announced the MetaStudio partnership, the project’s native token has enjoyed impressive price action.

The project remains focused on creating a comprehensive GameFi experience for users in Web3 and the new MetaStudio partnership will aid in this process while strengthening MCADE’s position as one of the most exciting crypto investments of 2023.

As one of the best crypto investments so far this year, MCADE’s progress is reinforced by the strategic MetaStudio partnership

Metacade CEO, Russell Bennett, recently announced that the project will be partnering with MetaStudio. Since then, the MCADE token has launched on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Uniswap, BitMart, and MEXC.

The MCADE token skyrocketed 200% during a manic two week period, which is a testament to the exciting progress being made by the developers. This follows a highly successful presale in which $16.4 million was raised across several sell-out crypto investment rounds.

The new MetaStudio partnership is an exciting development for the GameFi platform. MetaStudio has an experienced team of game developers and animators, including team members who helped produce Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers 2, and Kung Fu Panda.

The MetaStudio partnership will allow Metacade to release a massive selection of play-to-earn (P2E) games in the metaverse arcade. The platform has attracted widespread attention in the blockchain gaming community due to its vast GameFi offering and has solidified its reputation by becoming one of the best performing crypto investments in recent weeks.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is being built on Ethereum and is aiming to become the biggest P2E arcade in Web3. The platform contains a huge selection of arcade-style titles that each have integrated earning mechanics. It’s designed to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and gamers together in new and exciting ways.

The project is community-driven at its core and will provide a variety of earning mechanics that go beyond the arcade. Users can earn while contributing to the platform and by taking part in its various features — some of which will be the result of the new MetaStudio partnership. Over time, Metacade aims to be a central hub for the entire blockchain community.

How does MCADE work?

Metacade’s native token, MCADE, provides financial rewards on the platform. Token holders can also take advantage of several DeFi services, including staking to earn a passive yield and voting in governance proposals.

The metaverse arcade offers both casual and competitive gameplay to Web3 users. Solo players can earn MCADE tokens while progressing through infinite levels in some of the most addictive arcade games on the blockchain, while competitive players can join paid entry tournaments for the chance to win major crypto prizes.

Metacade’s community hub incentivizes contributions with the MCADE token. Content creators can earn through the Create2Earn feature, which will reward users for posting game reviews, sharing alpha, and interacting with other members of the Metacade community.

The project will also advertise open roles for Web3 professionals. The jobs board connects people to both full-time and part-time opportunities within the sector, while the Work2Earn mechanic will provide MCADE token rewards to users for completing a number of unique jobs.

Metagrants provide crypto investment to drive innovation in GameFi

Metacade takes a revolutionary stance on the core P2E mechanic and brings brand new ways for the Web3 community to earn. As well as this, the project will fund the next wave of innovation in the blockchain gaming sector through the Metagrants program, which is designed to provide early stage support to in-demand P2E titles.

Metagrants will be awarded to developers after a voting process from the Metacade community. Users will have direct control over which projects receive early stage funding, which helps to ensure that the best ideas become a reality. Over time, this could truly boost the level of innovation in blockchain gaming.

Will MCADE reach $0.10 in 2023?

MCADE has achieved rapid success in Web3 thanks to the project’s unique offering within the GameFi sector. The token rose almost 300% to reach its recent high of $0.044 before retracing back to strong support at $0.020. Investors entering at this price level are expected to see a significant upside, as all eyes are on Metacade due to the MetaStudio partnership.

Experts are highlighting $0.10 as a key level of resistance for 2023, with the token expected to breach the $1 mark in the next crypto bull market. This could be a 50x return from the end of the presale, making MCADE one of the most exciting crypto investments of the year.

Is MCADE worth buying?

Metacade is a strong crypto investment that has seen major success during its early stages of development. The token is currently available on Uniswap, BitMart, and MEXC at the price of $0.020, and could be a great buy ahead of the metaverse arcade’s official launch later in the year.

You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE, here.


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