Metacade (MCADE) and Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction for 2023 – 2030


As the struggles felt by bearish crypto markets in 2022 continue into 2023, investors are turning the marketplace upside down, scouring it for the best crypto to invest in to make gains in 2023 and over the longer term.

Metacade’s brand-new gaming platform is gaining tremendous momentum during its presale event, cementing it as one of the brightest crypto prospects. Meanwhile, forecasts for more established coins, such as the Litecoin price prediction, suggest that modest growth is on the horizon between now and the end of the decade. Here’s how price predictions for the two currencies compare with each other.

What is Metacade?

Metacade will be a brand-new addition to the lexicon of GameFi platforms vying for prominence in a burgeoning crypto sector, as it looks set to play a leading part in driving the industry forward. It is creating the metaverse’s largest range of play-to-earn (P2E) games in a virtual arcade hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The aim is for Metacade to become the go-to place for gaming enthusiasts and crypto fans, sharing knowledge and building a supportive GameFi community, all while benefiting from the platform’s unrivaled P2E mechanics.

Metacade is on a mission to become a market leader in the GameFi space, with its members being offered crypto incentives to help build a thriving community. Each time a user posts content on the hub, from sharing game reviews and tips to participating in a live chat, they could earn passive income through platform rewards.

This Create2Earn strategy is just one strand of Metacade’s multi-earning mechanism designed to attract users to the platform. Alongside it stands the Compete2Earn program, where users stake the native MCADE token to enter prize draws and tournaments, while the Work2Earn scheme launches in Q1 2024, providing Web3 job opportunities to its members.

Metacade’s promise extends well beyond the reach of other GameFi titles as it seeks to position itself as a pioneer in the P2E gaming sphere. A critical facet of this approach is its innovative Metagrants scheme, which provides developers with funding to create exclusive new titles that take Web3 gaming development into exciting, new waters.

Crucially, the Metacade community will be offered full voting rights on all Metagrant submissions, giving them autonomy over which games are made. This keeps them fully engaged throughout the process and gives the gamers the actual titles they want.

This provision of voting rights over the games on the platform forms part of Metacade’s transition to a fully-fledged DAO by Q4 2024. By this time, the members will have full voting rights on the platform’s governance and future direction.

Metacade price prediction 2023 to 2030

Experts predict that the GameFi industry will undergo an enormous acceleration in the coming years, growing more than 10 times faster than traditional gaming and by 70% yearly between 2023 and 2027. Metacade’s outstanding and exciting road map looks set to position them at the vanguard of this revolution, with handsome rewards potentially available to bullish investors in the project.

Metacade is likely to become a household name in the GameFi industry. Price predictions are that by the end of 2023, MCADE could reach $0.30 before growing to around $1.20 by 2027. Forecasts for the end of 2030 suggest that MCADE tokens could be worth $2.50 each as P2E gaming reaches maturity, and likely returning considerable dividends to investors that purchase now.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin’s inception dates back to 2011 when it was created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, after seeing the potential of the original Bitcoin explosion. Based on Bitcoin’s original coding, Litecoin’s project team tweaked the base code to make it more usable on a daily basis. As a result, Litecoin offered quicker and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In addition, Litecoin was significantly cheaper than Bitcoin and Ethereum to mine. Over time, it has matured into a cheap, accessible mining coin that’s become a favorite of many blockchain miners. Small businesses and individuals have flocked to Litecoin thanks to its affordable, fast, and scalable solutions allowing swift transactions to occur quickly and easily.

Litecoin price prediction 2023 to 2030

Litecoin’s native LTC token has not been immune to the challenging market conditions of 2022, seeing huge losses affecting its value. However, with easing market conditions expected to appear later in 2023, Litecoin price predictions suggest that better times are around the corner.

Currently trading at $89.68, considerably lower than its all-time high (ATH) of $412.96, LTC price predictions are that LTC could reach $123 by the end of 2023 and $267 by the end of 2025. These represent modest gains compared to today but are still well short of its ATH.

However, the longer-term prognosis looks more promising, with analysts predicting that LTC will soar past its ATH and reach around $1,815 by the end of 2030, an increase of almost 20X, but still well below the gains offered by MCADE.

Metacade is the best crypto to invest in for returns this decade

Metacade recently launched its MCADE token presale event at $0.008 and quickly gained enormous momentum. After raising a massive $5 million in its first ten weeks, the token has shown no signs of slowing down. Current funding in the project has reached $7m as the presale continues to accelerate.

With the current price of $0.014 set to rise to an eventual level of $0.02 by the end of the presale and demand for MCADE expected to surge when it lists on centralized and decentralized exchanges, it looks to be one of the best cryptos to invest in today to maximize possible returns by the end of 2030.

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