Metacade sells out Beta stage of presale in 3 weeks – raising $1.12m

Metacade (MCADE) has raised over $1.12 million in just three weeks, with the Beta sale now fully sold out. The next stage is now active, with investors predicting that the long-term potential of Metacade is sky-high and expect major gains as a result.

This article will explore why Metacade has sold out during its beta sale so quickly and predict the future price action for this high-potential GameFi investment.

A rare investment opportunity

It’s no secret that the crypto market is currently underperforming. The bear market of 2022 has seen some significant price reductions across the board, with major projects such as Decentraland dropping over 90%.

However, Metacade has stood out during these testing times as the MCADE token has raised over $1.12 million in weeks. Metacade’s green candles are starting to look like beacons of hope, and after learning more about the project, it becomes clear why the MCADE presale has been so popular.

The project aims to become a center for Web3 users and GameFi enthusiasts over time. For now, MCADE costs just $0.01 per token – a value that will rise to $0.02 before the official IDO. This low price gives bear market buyers a chance to make real gains, but how valuable could Metacade become for long-term investors?

MCADE price prediction for 2025

The next Bitcoin halving event will likely occur in 2024. This event typically sparks a bull run for the entire crypto industry, as 10-100x gains become commonplace for digital assets. Since Metacade is brand-new, the bull market of 2025 will be its first, which could mean it makes some insane gains during this period.

For the mid-term, MCADE will rise by a further 2x over its presale before being launched on decentralized exchanges (DEX) during its IDO. After this point, the Metacade project could start forming relationships with centralized exchanges (CEXs), further boosting its reach.

Experts predict that the MCADE token could rise by over 50x during 2023. By the 2025 bull market, MCADE will likely peak at approximately $6. From the current price of $0.01, that amounts to a 600x increase.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building the biggest arcade on the blockchain, offering gamers extensive opportunities to earn crypto tokens while having fun online. There will be a range of play-to-earn (P2E) games on offer, with each one containing new challenges for players to overcome.

At its core, Metacade’s community drives the project. Players will get together in the metaverse and access valuable information about making the most of their blockchain gaming experience. Players that make helpful contributions can also earn MCADE token rewards.

Metacade will also host P2E tournaments on the platform. Competitive players can test out their abilities head-to-head while competing for crypto prizes. These tournaments will be held on a regular basis, and will be held for a range of different games on the Metacade platform.

A unique project

As well as delivering extensive earning opportunities for players, the Metacade project will connect its users with some of the space’s hottest new P2E games. Additionally, up-and-coming projects will advertise unique job opportunities in the Metacade, where players can apply and gain access to new games before they officially launch.

While playing these new games, the Metacade community can provide feedback to the development team. This feedback can help ensure that new games are bug-free at launch, raising the quality of titles in the GameFi sector. In addition, the Metacade community will earn MCADE tokens as payment for playing these games and highlighting any weaknesses they might have.

Driving progress in the GameFi sector

GameFi is a relatively new field in blockchain, but it has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry itself. To help in this process, Metacade is launching an innovative feature that supports developers as they build the next wave of blockchain-based games.

Metacade community members can vote on investment proposals from game developers and select the titles they would most like to play in the future. After the voting is complete, Metacade will provide direct funding to the game developers, which is pivotal in driving growth and progress for GameFi.

Is Metacade a strong investment?

The MCADE token looks like a solid addition to the portfolio for any crypto investor, especially considering its current price. After raising $1.12 million in just 3 weeks, the beta stage has now officially ended. The price has now risen from $0.008 per coin, to $0.01, with the price continually rising incrementally until it reaches $0.02 in value at the end of the presale. Whilst the best time to buy Metacade was in the Beta stage, the second best time is undoubtedly now, as the price per token will double before the presale ends.

With that in mind, MCADE looks like a prime opportunity during bear market conditions. However, its long-term prospects are even more mouth-watering, and early investors could enjoy much higher returns through holding for the long term. Investors are always encouraged to keep a diversified portfolio, and Metacade looks like a great option to buy and hold in this regard.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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